Pvc Apron Experience

My first experience of wearing a plastic apron was when I was about 6 years old. It was the summer holidays and my mother asked whether I would like to help with the baking. I said yes, my mother was already wearing pvc apron and she took another pvc apron which was hanging on the back of the door, placed the neck loop over my head shortened the loop as it was too big and then tied the apron behind my back. It felt so nice to be wearing the apron, the smooth shiny plastic coating of the apron felt fantastic to touch. I kept the apron on all afternoon I even ate my tea wearing the apron. After that I would take any opertunity to wear a pvc apron and I still do, my wife shares my love of pvc aprons so we wear them nearly all the time when we are at home.
scotty1968 scotty1968
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Me too. Always done up to the neck like in primary school. A huge turn on for me. Must have 50 plus pvc aprons in my collection

In common with Andy, I envy you, as must do many other men.

Yes, I too wear PVC aprons and usually more than one, all the time, even in bed. My wife allows me my fetish and joins in for extra fun. You can't bet a sexy, shiny pinny.

Nice story. You are fortunate that his wife like a plastic apron.<br />
I also want a wife with a pvc apron.