Plastic Aprons Dont Know Why But... Early Senior School

I was set to use "this time its personal" like one of those crabby sequel films instead of early senior school but certainly early senior school i was more of a distant admirer than personal. Now being a young lad heading for senior school in early-mid eighties england i just knew that this weird interest i had in girls i fancied in plastic aprons must now be somewhat satisfied despite me not really getting the whole reason and what the satisfaction was.Towards the end of primary school my only reference to "big" school was grange hill and newsround, why dont you etc, which whenever you watched and there was cooking or anything that might warrant a apron ,then they were all there in shiney pvc or white disposable aprons this was gonna be great.However life is rarely straightforward and here started the disapointment we were put into our classes went through all the this and that and tmetables and home ecconomics would be the following week yay. Now as i afterwards realised home ecconomics covered a couple of subjects which one half of the year you'd do one then the other half you'd do the other in our school they were cookery oh yeh and needlework well if you havent guessed by my bitter tone i was in the group that started off with needlework. This i had no interest in. The ones doing cookery were in the same block which you could see accross the little open areas between classes sure enough there were some pvc aprons being worn but not many and at a distance wasnt the same.When we started cookery all the girls i fancied were wearing the dreaded cotton drill aprons. Science was no better it would be natural to expect that dealing with chemicals and experiments that it would be all white coats clear pvc aprons with disposable aprons over them and big rubber gloves, but in these easier going pre lawsuit for everything days,things were a little more relaxed in that the protection you got was being told not to get anything on you .Woodwork and metalwork were apron subjects but yet again cotton drill was everywhere good but not that good, but hung up on one side of these rooms were really big,adult big even bigger considering we were 11 ,green woven polythene aprons why didnt we get to wear them i wondered then came a magical moment when v...... in my eyes a brooke shields lookalike who i held in very high regard forgot her apron so she'd have to wear one of these green ones now we were real matey so as she moaned about how big,thick and noisey it was i looked sympathetic and as she put it on and adjusted the neck tie to bring the apron right upto her neck even then the bottum was just over her feet like a quick thinking gent i offered to tie it for her which she accepted , from the back i tied it the apron sides overlapped so i had to close into her back wrap my arms around her and tie it in front now at that point i suddenly seemmed to get the relation of my plastic apron interest to the more adult interest which i guess was what it was always about. Plus i'd now realised how to get one of these to wear, it was amazing how forgetful i became when it came to my cotton drill apron. Being pretty good at plans and amateur 11 year old phsycology within a couple of weeks i'd managed to coax a mate into daring me to steal one of these aprons,"what for i countered" knowing this would get a "well if your scared" so now i had the perfect excuse for stealing one and more so the reason for having in my bag if my mates seen what was in my bag. Now i'd be a thieving legend and coupled with "oh i'll take home for our mum" when asked where i was gonna chuck it i now had one of these big plastic aprons to wear anytime i liked. Yeh i know its a bit slow but will pick up the pace as time allows
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2 Responses May 22, 2011

What a wonderful story ! I would love to have been there and seen that gorgeous girl, but to put a huge plastic apron her - that's awesome ! You lucky thing.

Nothing wrong with a cotton drill apron- try wearing a wet one over your PVC pinny- that's sexy.