Can't Understand My Love Of Plastic Aprons

It's good to read that other people seem to have the same feelings as me when it comes to plastic aprons. I like to see other people wearing plastic aprons but for me nothing beats the feeling of putting one on myself. I take any chance I can to wear one and once on I try and find an excuse to leave on as long as I can. The feeling I get when I put on a plastic apron is just amazing. I just love to feel the shiny plastic coating, it makes me feel strangely comfortable and at ease. I have never admitted to these feelings before not even to my wife, obviously she knows I wear a PVC apron but I only put one on when I have a good reason like cooking or cleaning which my wife thinks is just normal.
I think these feelings might stem from my childhood, my mum would often wear a PVC coated apron and I always seemed to have the children's version of mums apron which mum would put me in to do things such as crafts baking etc.
I would love to tell my wife about this but I think she think I was a bit odd.
bas1968 bas1968
41-45, M
Jan 14, 2013