Soft And Smooth

My first plastic apron was put on me by my cousin Alice, I was 7yrs old and we were playing house and we were helping my grandma clean up the house.It was green and white pinafore apron with ruffells all over the bib and pockets.The first thing I notice was how soft and smooth the plastic was,it gave me goose bumps it looked like a dress on me as I followed my cousin around the house doing the housework.It became a daily game and started to really like wearing the apron.My next encounter with a plastic apron happened about 2yrs later at my aunts place.She asked if I wanted to help her make some cookies.She said I would have to wear one of her aprons so not to get flour all over me.She returned from the pantry carrying a pink and white floral designed xlarge plastic apron,she had to fold it up in different ways to make it fit me.Again the softness of the apron appealled to me as well as the huge amounts of plastic that was wrapped around my body,I enjoyed that day very much,so much I would make a point of helping her bake everytime I visited her.I was addicted to plastic and didn't realize it til I got older.Yes I have my own aprons now and enjoy wearing them every chance I get.Thx.Steve










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I've always liked pvc aprons ever since I can care to remember. I prefer to wear them done up to the neck with the straps threaded and fastened through the head loop exactly as I did when a boy at junior school.

My mother and much older sisters often wore plastic aprons around the house when cleaning and doing household chores. But my real love of them started the first time my mother gave me an enema while wearing one. I about 3 or 4 years old and had to lay across her lap to receive it. I was naked from the waist down and when my bare skin and little penis came in contact with the soft, smooth and shiny plastic, I was hooked! <br />
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As I got a little older I would "borrow" one of mom's plastic aprons to use when I ***********, something I learned to do at a pretty early age. Around 12 or 13 years old I'd go to the 5 and dime store, buy a couple of frilly full bib plastic aprons and whenever I could I'd get naked and wear them by putting one on in the front and the other on my rear, then tie them together so it was like wearing a plastic a dress!<br />
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I like pvc aprons too, but semi-transparent, soft and smooth plastic aprons are my favorites. I have a few and wear them around the house whenever I'm doing chores just like my mom and older sisters did.

I have loved plastic aprons for many years now. They are a real turn-on. I have to wear one under my petticoat and dress when I wear other aprons as well.

Some folks get lucky in their youth!

No pinny for me, just a clear lab apron. A little on the short side and not as smooth as I like, but I wear them every day and wear them out fairly quickly.

I am wearing a plastic pinny as I type.

I also love the plastic aprons.I live in one, so I use them every day.

My first experience with wearing aprons was when I was around 10 and had to wash the dishes. My mother made me a apron to keep my school clothes clean. Later in life when I had left school my parents moved away and I boarded with a widow who was a close family friend.<br />
My mothers parting comment was to tell this lovely if I was naughty make me wear a apron. It works wonders Sure enough when we did house work or I did dirty chores I had to wear a apron. I was always allowed to choose the one I wanted to wear. Strangely it was always plastic which my land lady had many.<br />
Since becoming widowed some three years ago I found all of my late wifes pretty aprons. They have moved into my closert.<br />
I now have another love in my life and she looks forward tothe apron fashion shows when she stops over.I love fussing around her when wearing a apron

Same with me - my mother had a translucent blue plastic apron that she made herself. I was 7 or 8 at the time.

a Grandmothers plastic apron was part of my earliest interest in plastic.