Wearing Plastic Pants Again

When I was about 13 I discovered ************. Suddenly a new world opened up for me. At some point I began thinking about what it would be like to try on a pair of plastic pants again.

My mother had an old shower cap in the back of the bathroom cabinet. One night I swiped it and cut leg holes in it and tried it on. The holes I cut started to tear and the waist was way too tight but for all intents and purposes I made a pair. 

I also experimented with big garbage bags making a top and pants outfit. They were fun but I wanted to get a real pair of baby's plastic pants. I'd seen them at stores but I couldn't get up the nerve to go buy them.

Around that time my next door neighbors would have me take care of their house when they would go on vacation. They also had a 2 year old daughter who I'd seen wearing disposable diapers. I began to wonder if she wore plastic pants. The next time they left town I went straight to her room and had a look. In the closet were Pampers. In the bottom drawer of the changing table there were 4 pairs of plastic pants!

I pulled a pair out and looked closely at them. They were your classic Gerber plastic pants with the light texture on the outside. Two of them were Toddler size and looked big enough for me to wear. I could feel the adrenaline rushing through my body as I took my pants off, stepped into the leg holes and carefully pulled them up over my hips. 

The plastic felt cool against my skin. I ran my hands over the textured surface enjoying the sensation. It was a snug fit but I was wearing a real pair of plastic pants again.

I took them home and put them on again at bedtime. I thought about doing something babyish so I got on my hands and knees and slowly crawled around my room. The plastic pants were making a delightful crinkling sound as I moved, a sound I'd always secretly loved. I thought about the times I'd heard that sound as little kids walk by and think to myself that they were lucky. For every time I'd seen a mother changing her kid's diapers and then putting a fresh pair of plastic pants over them I'd secretly wish it were me. I looked over my shoulder at the plastic pants I was wearing and smiled. It was my turn now.
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Crackle walk, I loved watching mothers changing plastic baby panties
And feel the same way you do!! I wish all those mothers would lay me next to their toddler boys and change me into a nice crinkly pastel colored
Rubber baby pantie and put a diaper shirt on me and show me off to all the neighborhood!

I discovered plastic pants only late in life and find I enjoyed sleeping in them on their own once my skin got used to plastic and stopped sweating. Mine are the usual milky partly see-through type but I recently saw a dark blue pair I liked and bought them. However the description under which they were sold :"Royal blue plastic pants for adult baby" set me thinking. Will wearing my new blue plastic pants turn me into an adult baby? Or are any of us who wear and like plastic pants adult babies anyway. What do others think?

i wear mine dialy and i dont consider myself an adult baby, i dont feel the need to regress and dress as a toddler. nothing against those who do, i just love the feel of plastic against my skin, ive been wearing them since i was 10 yrs old

That's my view exactly, and why I buy mine without any frills or baby prints, just plain.

I feel the same way you do, ordinarily steering away from printed plastics. But I got to thinking that something with prints would be made especially for people to wear. I remember looking at some of the printed plastic materials on AC Medical's website and seeing how smooth and shiny they looked, and finally bought plastic panties in the butterfly print that they have. That plastic turned out to be really smooth, soft, and nice to wear. Since then I've gotten more pants, a skirt, a romper, and a dress in that material and really love them all. This print material is still available from Rearz. I did get one pair of panties from AC in a translucent blue with baby print, and that's nice to wear too, although not quite as soft as the butterfly print plastic.

I love the use of the word "rubbers" to cover both plastic and rubber pants, which is why I used it in my username. I sometimes wear diapers under mine as a rest from constantly getting up at night to pee but like you don't regard myself as an adult baby because I wear rubbers, I just like the feel of plastic or rubber pants next to my skin.

I love the light baby blue pastel colored plastic baby panties that I wore as a child, both in slip on style and snap on style!! I love how babyish they look and love to hear rustle between my thighs!!

In rubbers, I love the light pastel blue plastic baby pants because that's what I wore as a child.
They look so babyish!

In my rubbers, there is nothing wrong with wearing plastic baby panties with or without a diaper.
I like wearing my rubber baby panties without a diaper. I like the feel of the perspiration, reminds me of being a wet baby boy in his cute plastic baby pantie!

I agree with all your comments rubberbabypantie. I too have some cheap light blue pastel vinyl baby pants but my favourites for feel and quality are my rubber and plastic knicker-style Drylife pants worn next to the skin. I'm finding with regular wear I perspire less inside so the wetness comes mainly now from my post-pee dribbling.

In rubbers, I had to wear my rubber baby panties because of the same issue, when I was
around 4 years old. My mom changed me back into plastic baby panties because of my dribbling and PP stains in my big boy underwear! After I quit dribbling a couple of years later, she took my plastic baby panties away. I then realized I was hooked and became obsessed with rubber baby panties in all the different colors, styles, brands etc.!!!

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Add a response...I went to Easter mass yesterday and all of the preteen and teen girls being baptized were all wearing the traditional white,poofy,top of the knees dresses with a bonnet,lace anklets,and white mary jane shoes.they all had a cloth diaper and plastic pants on under their dresses and surprisingly some of the older teen girls [15 to18] had baby print plastic pants over their baptismal diaper! all of the girls looked so cute and pure and innocent! Per the parish policy,all of the girls baptized yesterday have to wear their diaper and plastic pants under their communion dresses next month.

wish i was one of them

How does one respectfully react to that sort of dream

Okay, I'm a little confused. If white represents purity and the church requires it in their ceremonies, why are the older girls wearing prints? Sort of rebellious, don't you think. And wouldn't they be baptized at an earlier age?

Protector, I'm just being curious, since I'm not familiar at all with Catholic traditions. You said your mom had two pair of plastic pants made, one for your communion and the other for your confirmation. Why one pair for each dress? I look at it as if your only going to wear them once for each event, just use the same pants for each event. I'm probably missing something here, like both events follow each other in the same day. Do you enjoy wearing diapers and plastic pants? It's been my experience (no pun intended) that you don't find many women who wear them for enjoyment. If you don't want to say, that's okay.

Hi,like the first communion dress,our poofy white confirmation dress was also considered an extension of the baptism gown or dress baby girls are normally baptized in,so to remind us of the purity and innocence of our baptisms,the cloth diaper and plastic pants are required under both dresses with white tights over them.it was weird wearing them and all of us girls felt like babies and the boys gawked at us..

Is this required by both the boys and girls or just the girls to wear diapers and plastic pants for these events? This is the first I have ever heard of it, but I was not raised Catholic.

lopc- it is just the girls that wear the diaper and plastic pants.

Sticks,our first communion and confirmation were not on the same day,they were months apart! So that is why i had the two pair of rubberpants.mom put my first communion pair away with my communion outfit,then made a second pair for me to wear under my white confirmation dress.

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I made my first holy communion when i was 14 and had to wear the full required outfit-poofy communion dress,veil,tights and white mary janes.my mom bought a white thin plastic shower curtain and then gave it to two moms at our parish to make the required rubber pants we had to wear over our cloth diaper.the two moms make most of the rubberpants worn by all the girls under their baptism,first communion and confirmation dresses.the rubberpants look just like the baby pants only made larger.my mom had two pair of the rubberpants made for me,one for under my communion dress and the other to wear under my white confirmation dress.

I've heard of this being done before. Do you know what the reasoning is behind this practice? And do you still have your rubber pants? ;)

cracklewalk-please see my reply to sticks.yes i still have my diaper and rubberpants along with the rest of my required outfits.there are other parishes that require the girls to wear them also,as well as some its a tradition at.

Do you get any sort "excitement" out of wearing your rubber pants? If you don't mind me asking.

Cracklewalk-Yes,i got a little excitement having the diaper and rubberpants on under my dresses.they made me feel more pure and innocent like a baby for the ceremonies.I have a cousin who is 16 and catholic and being confirmed this comming may and her parish requires the white poofy dresses and veils for the girls with the cloth diaper and rubberpants under their required white tights.she is going to wear my diaper and rubberpants!

You know, if there were someone out there that could create and mass produce these dresses, diapers, and rubber pants (and other accessories) that the church required for these ceremonial communions and baptisms, they'd do pretty well, I think. Of course, they'd have to be reasonably priced and there would be a lot of knock offs too. I wonder why boys are not required to wear diapers and rubber pants as well?

Yes, I would think that each parish priest would know where to obtain the required garments for this Catholic tradition....

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I remember after being potty trained, I occasionally wet my underwear and bed. I left small pee stains in my underwear and bed. Since I was having a slight tinkle problem my mom decided to change me back into
my plastic baby panties that I wore when I was three years old. I remember how nice they felt as she slipped them on me. At first, I complained about having to wear them, but then I found that I loved the
way the felt, the swishing sound they made when I walked. I am not sure what my mom used to wash my rubber baby panties but I loved the way
they smelled. She eventually bought me larger sizes in different babyish
Colors like baby blue, yellow, mint, peach and various baby prints both
In snap on style and slip on style. Once she snapped my plastic baby panty on me, I loved to play with them. I could not stop touching them.
She would scold me not to play with my rubber baby pantie. I loved how
baggy and puffy they were . I loved to sit and spread my legs and see how my plastic baby panties would tent up around my waist. I wish I could go back to the early sixties and buy as many old fashioned plastic baby panties in all the differents colors styles and prints both in slip on
and snap on or snap side with both the metal and plastic snaps!!!! I would by all different thickness and quality of waterproof baby panties.

fabulous story!

brings back memories

i like the sound of the crackle when i walk or other things i do.it sounds sexy to me ,even on rain coats.

Raincoats are another turn on for me.


After you grew up and I'm guessing you're on your own now, does your mother know you still wear nappies and plastic pants? I suspect it's still not a problem. Most of us are still closet diaper wearers or only confide in very close friends or lovers. Bedwetting was always a shameful problem around my house. Disappointing.

I'm 45 now and yes, I'm on my own. I wear them with my girlfriend or have her wear them while teasing me.

There is something about the way they used to make plastic pants that seems to be gone now. The sound of your fingernails as they dragged across the texture, that wonderful sound they made as you walked (or crawled). The leg and waistbands that held you snug. They are definitely reminders (for me anyway) of a happier time. <br />
<br />

Crackle walk, I feel the same way. I collect plastic baby panties from the 50's,60's, and 70's.
The quality is unmistakeable better. There were the rubber baby panties that were nice and thick and soft. There were the nice rustly textured type that let every mother or babysitter know you were wearing plastic baby panties! Also the nice glossy, rustly, crinkly type that I loved to wear
back then, and still love to wear now!!

I could wear Woolworth's (Patacake) plastic baby pants, Extra large Super size till I was about 28. I was extremely thin. I've gained a few pounds since then and I'm still very slender, but unless I dropped 15 pounds, I could never even think about getting in a pair. I still have a pair or two and now they look really small comparatively. There's still something that's very alluring about them. I don't know if it's the texture, the style, the way they fit, or what, but you couldn't get better.

My mom grew up back in the 50s and 60s and told me that the Patacake extra large supersize babypants were really big and that many older girls wore them for christmas and easter and weddings as well as baptisms,first communions and confirmation under their white dresses.she told me the Playtex toddler extra large size babypants were quite large and fit teens as well.she said alot of the girls wore them to be cute and babylike for the holidays and the weddings first communions,etc.

Sticks, I have a few pair of the woolworths patacake rubber baby panties as we called them back
then. You are right the quality of the plastic baby pantie is very good. I also like the quality of the
Sears plastic baby panties and the Wards rubber baby pants. I wore all of these as a child and wish
I could wear them now 24/7.

i have some funtime print plasticpants and do they drive me crazy when i walk in them or when i rock in mt chair, they make that crincling sound, i would watch the wrinlles do ttheir tricks and hear that snapping sound.

Sstrub, I love the feeling and that rustling sound of my fun time print rubber baby panties also!
They are so nice and puffy looking. They look so nice and babyish.

I always wished I could fit into a pair of real plastic baby pants.

Hand brawn, we all have the same wish!!