Napppis To Bed

Last night about 7pm l put a disposable nappy on and my new plastic pants. l wore them all night taking care not to wet too much as l did not want to wet the bed and my wife would find out. When l woke this morning the plastic had moulded itself round the very wet nappy and l got very horny. The ammonia smell reminded me when my mother used to change me up till the age of 9. l will never forget that marvellous smell. Shame you do not get that in public toilets now like you used to. What a turn on.

lt is now 9am and l am still wearing them but the urge to *** is now just too much. l will have to start to release lots of hot sticky stuff and let it flow round my **** and balls. l am thinking of ordering some Transparent Polyurethane pants but do not know if they are as good. Comments are invited.
johnconroy johnconroy
61-65, M
3 Responses May 8, 2012

Hi shop 4 PVC do a great range

Go 4 it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

U can't beat the feelings !!!!!!!!!!!!! Joie Bee

Thanks for your comment. l hope my polyurethane pants are as good. Still got a wet nappy on but not the same one. Got to have a **** in a minute though as my **** is still stiff

Love to relieve you. I'm really wet in my nappy now
and very hard would you do me aswell?