I Wear Plastic Pants Daily

All through my early years to my late teens i wet my bed, was made to wear a nappy and plastic pants every night...also came the bedding. Now i wear my nappies and plastic pants each day for my own pleasures.

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i pray each night after i am thickly cloth diapered with milky white or translucent clear plastic panties that the good lord has a special place in eternity for us since he has given us this wonderful additional avenue to enjoy ourselfs without harming anybody else or anything!!..love to chat and cam on yahoo thfdl2009 take care..tommy

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There are several places to get training pants or pull up diapers. My favorite place is babykins.com.<br />
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I have several pair with baby prints. They have them available in white and solid colors too.<br />
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Here is the direct link to the pullon page: <br />

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"so of course I wear potty training pants or a diaper under my protective panties"<br />
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can you get these training pants in adult sizes ? like size 10 UK 29inch waist ?