Early Nappy Experiences

My first memory is being sat on my parents bed at bedtime while my mum put a disposable nappy pad between my legs and pulled up plastic pants on me to hold it in, which I remember enjoying.  Perhaps it was the attention / treatment rather than the plastic feel I think at that stage.  I only seem to remember this 2 or 3 times I wish I could remember more!

I also remember nappy pads being put into the fire in the morning - it was a Rayburn thing with a glass front.  I remember thinking or being told that wet nappies won't burn very well.  I can't remember if the ones I saw being put into the fire were mine or some of my younger brother's or sister's.

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fantastic story that Dennap. You on facebook by the way? (and everone else reading this) I am on as Boots Brumas!<br />
Hint: make a 2nd facebook page for these experiences (unless you are very brave / open)