Early Nappy Experiences

My first memory is being sat on my parents bed at bedtime while my mum put a disposable nappy pad between my legs and pulled up plastic pants on me to hold it in, which I remember enjoying.  Perhaps it was the attention / treatment rather than the plastic feel I think at that stage.  I only seem to remember this 2 or 3 times I wish I could remember more!

I also remember nappy pads being put into the fire in the morning - it was a Rayburn thing with a glass front.  I remember thinking or being told that wet nappies won't burn very well.  I can't remember if the ones I saw being put into the fire were mine or some of my younger brother's or sister's.

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fantastic story that Dennap. You on facebook by the way? (and everone else reading this) I am on as Boots Brumas!<br />
Hint: make a 2nd facebook page for these experiences (unless you are very brave / open)

Great story. As a young boy I got into the habit of playing with my penis just before drifting off to sleep, although pre-puberty with no ejaculations it did feel nice and I was fascinated by the fact that as I stroked it would grow bigger (what little boys aren’t). As I began to reach puberty the pleasurable feeling intensified until I had my first dry *********** which felt absolutely wonderful. Not really understanding the feeling I was anxious that I might wet the bed and managed to acquire some plastic baby pants which I hid in my bedroom. I thought that if I put them on and did wet the bed it wouldn’t be so obvious. This went on for a while and I began to really love the feel of the soft plastic against my skin and the lovely crinkly sound they made as I stroked myself through them. Then of course the inevitable happened and I started to properly ********* in them and this felt fabulous and helped avoid any tell tale stains on my bedclothes. However my plastic pants were very tight and the matter got worse as I grew such that all I could do was wrap my plastic pants around my hard penis and make myself *** that way. Then of course the pants would split and get hard and lose that lovely soft texture so I was always on the lookout for new pairs acquired from friends and families who had babies and I could pinch a pair when no one was looking. Because my ************ was now so linked to plastic pants I really didn’t want to lose them and wondered how I could keep this up with nice fresh ones and of a decent size, not really being aware that adult sizes might be available. I then thought that the answer would be to be put back into nappies and to do that I would need to wet the bed. My embarrassment at starting to do this again at age 11 was far outweighed by my masturbatory desires. I then started wetting the bed on an occasional basis. At first my mother put it down to late nights & being overtired and simply washed the sheets and pyjamas when necessary although a plastic mattress cover did appear one day and that was really nice and often lay on that naked rubbing my penis against the plastic and ******* that way. It was a start but I still wanted plastic pants. I would tend to wet when I woke up in the morning to avoid sleeping in wet bedclothes but then began to enjoy that sensation too. I then started wetting whenever I woke in the night and needed a pee. It felt so good just being able to relax in my half awake state and let my warm pee flood out then drift back to sleep. There was still no suggestion of nappies by my mother so had to wet more frequently and always made sure I drank something prior to going to bed, but without my mother realising. Eventually she had enough and was starting to get cross with me and one day said that she would have to put me back into nappies at night if my wetting didn’t stop. I didn’t ob<x>ject and going up to my bedroom a few days later Mum said that she had left some things on my bed and that she would be up in a minute to help me with them. Imagine my delight upon seeing a nice white fluffy terry toweling nappy and large pair of clear plastic pants on my bed and at a size that would fit me. I got an erection just looking at them and had to concentrate hard to get it to subside before Mum came upstairs. When she came into my room she told me to get undressed and lie on the nappy which I did, trying very hard to think of anything that would stop an erection. It was lovely and soft, folded in two to make it nice and thick and she pulled it up between my legs and pinned it in place nice and tight which at last had the advantage of keeping my erection in check. She then pulled the plastic pants up my legs and over my nappy and the sound and sight made my erection spring back to life I was so excited I reckon it was only just in time as I was already leaking pre-*** and it was a miracle I didn’t *** on the spot. What I did find I liked was the fact that my pants were clear plastic and I could see my nappy through them. Mum then said that I would have to wear a nappy and plastic pants every night until I stopped wetting the bed saying that nappies were a lot easier to wash than bedclothes. She said she had put plenty of clean nappies and plastic pants in my drawer and that she would help put them on me every night, although I said that I could manage on my own thinking that I really didn’t want to have to struggle with hiding an erection every time she pinned one in place. She accepted that saying that I should call if I wanted help but to make sure I always put one on before going to bed and there would be trouble if I didn’t – as if I would forget I just couldn’t wait. What I had to make sure was that I kept on wetting and not to stop. As soon as she was out of my bedroom my hand was inside my plastic pants stroking my hardness, I think that was the quickest I ever came, I felt that as soon as I touched myself through my plastic pants I was spurting lots of lovely creamy ***. Not a problem I thought as wetting my nappy thoroughly would hide any tell tale masturbatory signs. As time went by I got to enjoy the feeling of my plastic pants more and more and sometimes unpinned my nappy just so that I could wear them on their own, however I did get to like the feel of a heavy wet nappy too and the lovely warn feeling as I let go a flood of wee all held in check by my lovely plastic pants which added to my desires. Of course I never forgot to put a nappy on before going to bed and contrived ways to put them on earlier and earlier just so I had an excuse to wear my plastic pants. First I would start having an early bath so could get ready for bed soon afterwards which meant sitting downstairs in my pyjamas watching TV with my nappy and plastic pants on. In the summer I started going without pyjamas saying I was too hot and just wore my nappy & plastic pants which Mum readily accepted as by now she had come to the conclusion that puberty had turned me into a permanent bed wetter. There were times though that I would be sporting a nice erection in my nappy with a nice bulge in my plastic pants which Mum never said anything about although I did have to be careful not to absent mindedly start stroking myself through my plastic pants whilst watching TV and Mum was in the room. If she saw me she would simply say stop that and of course must by then have realised that there was a reason I enjoyed being in nappies and plastic pants so much. I then started to put my nappy and plastic pants on as soon as I came home from school, saying that I had better do that just in case of accidents. All Mum said was not to wet too many nappies as she had enough washing to do already and if I did wet it then would have to keep it on until morning – as if that worried me. It did of course mean that I could now quietly ********** into my plastic pants at anytime in the afternoon or evening. Great joy. The only thing I didn’t contrive to do was to wear my nappies all day and every day for fear of being made fun of at school and because of that Mum wasn’t convinced that I should wear them all day during school holidays, although on those occasions she did have to nag me to take my nappy and plastic pants off in the morning as I would avoid having to change at all costs and would try and keep it on for as long as possible (a habit I still have to this day mmmm nice). Luckily I didn’t suffer too much with nappy rash but even when I did it was a small discomfort compared to the joy I was getting from frequent ************. Mum did expect me to cover up when visitors were around but of course close family and friends realised I was in nappies because there were always nice nappies and plastic pants hanging out to dry somewhere. Of course since then I have been totally addicted to wearing wetting and ************ in my nappies and plastic pants. Mum did try to get me to use disposable nappies as I got older but of course I didn’t like them so much because it meant no plastic pants and persuaded her they were no good because they didn’t hold as much wee, leaked and made the bed wet – of course much of that was me deliberately making sure they leaked. If anyone would like to get to know me better and share experiences I am always happy to make new friends then please e.mail me at edenisparsons@aol.com and be assured I am very discrete and very understanding so no need to be shy.