Straight Skirt

Well, the other day I wore my super-smooth and soft white straight skirt and a long white short-sleeved top over a tangerine bikini. That felt so fine - it was the first time since spring that I've worn a straight skirt - it was kind of cool that day. Today I'm wearing a translucent Fetware circle skirt over full-cut translucent panties. It's lovely to be luxuriating in soft plastic on such a nice sunny late-summer day.
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3 Responses Sep 11, 2012

Right now I'm wearing one of my silvery clear straight skirts. It is a little on the tight side, about knee-length, of really fine, soft plastic. For a while earlier I luxuriated in my butterfly-pattern clear dress over my translucent purple bikini-cut panties. What a sensual outfit that is!

boundmacman, funny I just saw that you liked this post, because I\'m wearing that same silvery clear skirt right now.

Yes, fall is here and it's getting cool at night. So for the first time this fall I felt the need to put on my plastic pyjamas to keep warm. It's actually a pair of frosty clear "jogging pants" and a matching motocross ttype jacket. Slept like crazy in a warm, crinkling cocoon. Still have them on as I"m up and about this morning. The crinkle has become a crackle as I move about in the cooler air. Love it!

I occasionally like to sleep in old nylon macs!

Hot fun!