Discovering My Inner Sissy & Love of Plastic Rain Macs and Nylon Rainjackets

My story starts in my early years at high school. During this time I discovered that my mum had a green translucent plastic rainmac and felt curious about wearing it. I did so and I *********** wildy. I would also find that I would masturabte wildy if I wore either my sister's or my mum's underwear and my mums negilgee. At a similar age I persuaded my sister that I would love to be blindfolded and made to wear girly clothes and so she did. Eventually mum caught me out wearing her rainmac and it soon disappeared. My high school required me to travel by bus from my village and girls who lived as neighbours who would leave for same bus at the same time would frequently be seen be wearing their nylon rain jackets. I found the thought of these girls supposedly taking me wearing theses nylon rainjackets and also kidnapping then making me change into female clothes and nylon rainjackets would make me ********** wildy.

Only within the last years did these thoughts seem no longer weirdly strange and actually seem understandable. This happen after discovering through the internet stories involving being forced into ladies plastic macs and forced into wearing ladies clothes. This of course forced feminisation/sissification.

During the last couple of years I have had enforced feminisation sessions with a professional mistress. I have also gathered various plastic female macs, raincoats and capes as well as a Marilyn Monroe wig and look to increase my possesions.

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Well done to you. It took me a long while to make sense of my weird feelings (courtesy of the great online world). But to come out with it to your girlfriend and for her to be ok with it has got to be the ultmate commitent

I am not a sissy or transvestite but I am a sub and love to wear women's work wear (nurse uniform etc) and plenty of aprons, rubber gloves and rubber wear.<br />
<br />
My wife has no problem with this and I am now wearing my fetish gear daily.

You Go Gurlfriend You Go!! That Took Guts To Write! I Am Proud Of You!..Add Me As Your Friend!<br />