I Love Wearing My Blue Plastic Skirt.

Check it out....

It's 41 inches long and quite full.

vvpete vvpete
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5 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Would look even better with nothing underneath it!

Maybe, but I prefer the feel of plastic pants underneath it.

you look absolutely stunning in your sexy blue plastic skirt , from your photo you look to have a wonderful collection of sexy plastic wear enjoy it i do, i love wearing plastic dresses,pants macs the feel and smell is overpowering makes me really horny

That came from AC Medical. Here's the link for page 4 of their catalog:<br />
<br />
http://www.acmedi.com/acms/catalog4.html<br />
<br />
Skirts are toward the bottom of the page. You'll note that they will make custom lengths of some types of their skirts for $5 extra. I have something like two dozen skirts, both straight and circle, most from them. Have fun shopping!

That is fantastically sexy - it looks great on! I would have some black high heels with that, and a long black plastic cape! Where did you get such a gorgeous thing?

I like plastic skirts too; also plastic dresses. Check out some worn by ABGI on AC Medical's incontinence plastic pants website.