Can It Get Any Better???

Ever since I told my wife about my plastic fetish and she accepted it, I have always fantasized that she would be waiting for me dressed in plastic when I came home. Well the other day it finally happened, both our children were at work and when I went to the bedroom she was covered and I asked if she was tired. When she said not really, I jumped in the bed and found her to be wearing the red plastic panties and bra that I had purchased for her some time ago. Anyway things were getting heated and I said "I think I'll change." To which she replied "I was wondering if you were going to get propery attired." WOW I was totally blow away and we had a great experience together. It fulfilled a fantasy and made me love her more.
fosplast fosplast
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2 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Totally agree, she sort of knows that's she's been good to me. Making comments like "Who elso would do that for you?' In a playful way, not demeaning. Love her dearly!!!!!

Oh my...what a great story! You are so lucky.