Plastic Baby Pants

i love wearing plastic pants when having sex or just on there own,is there any girls who like this as well.
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6 Responses Aug 1, 2010

I love to wear a cloth diaper with plastic panties to bed and around the house!

HI Platic , My wife has allowed me to wear my Plastic Pants in bed at night , "As my weak bladder wets a bit at night " !! . Its true to say she has not worn them since , Ive been wearing Cuddlit Plastic pants in bed ,they are so much like the Real baby pants I remember tearing to wear as a young boy . The trouble is I sometimes for go the chance to screw the wife , when she gets up I make love to my pants instead .

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I like your story. Would love, my wife does the same. I wear my plasticpants during love, but not my wife. She don't like plastic on her body. But I love plastic on my body. So I have a little problem.

Well At last , my secret passion for babys plastic pants is out . Ive ben studying the forums about plastic pants for quiet a while now . It looks very much like most of the members have wifes and G/F s who are willing to go along with it . IVe been very green with envy ,as my wife knew a bit about my Fetish but not much . Last-week I could take no-more I ordered up four new pairs of Plastic Pants from Shop4pvc , This is the best place you can get . I brought two white and two pinks 1205 s . Lovlie ! . When they came I stubbled a bit about giving a pair to wife ,but It was now or never ? I gave her a pair and said would you like to try them ?? she went on upstairs ,I followed Then made love to her ,whilst she wore them . afterwards she toke them off washed them and then placed them in the airing cuboard . and said very little about it -Oh Dear I thought ! . Last-night I had the job of putting the Xmas Decs up & tree , Wife went up and had a bath leaving me to finish off the job , whilst i was blowing up some balloons my wife entered the room in a short black skirt ,black tights looking very sexy . She then opened her legs showing the pink plastic pants she had on , My body started to get really turned on , I went down on her licking her plastic pants , and even managed to burst a couple of Balloons in the process whilst getting carried away . The sex was Beautifull . I so long drempt of doing this to my wife It was the ultimate ,Even then after wards after placing the panties over her puss , I helped her put the decs up ,she climbed the small ladder sticking the balloons to the ceiling whilst I llicked her Plastic covered Puss . Best sex of my Life . sad thing is the Ballons never stood a chance Ha Ha

I find it very erotic to hear a woman say she enjoyes wearing rubber or plastic , whether pants or any other form of clothing

i had 2 pairs of rubber pants, except they were bikini panties. they were sexy cuz they were see-thru..a guy bought em 4me