How It All Began...and How It Evolved

I remember being 4 or 5, a nervous adhd kid then, just had a lil brother come on  line and all of a sudden became big bro. i wetted the bed to get attention i guess. the maid we had was of course not enclined to wash my linen so she stuffed me into tight plastic pants with diapers, which i probably liked.... at least when my mom would go buy some for my brother i went along wishing intently she would buy some for me. i guess the maid also patted me on my crotch in play, so i must have had erections that felt good. i sure liked her coming to put me to bed! did she play with me? probably so, who knows, yesterdays affection is tomorrow's felony. I think early sexual arousal in diapers and plastic pants fixates a lot of us. We are mostly male, rarely female. This has been my rationale for my amazing fixation to plastic pants. Now many gays say they got fixated with their first sexual encounter. I diagree: most of these males were gay long before they were sexually mature. so do we, but it is different: look at female gays....different there too. if I wonde where it all began, maybe it began much much earlier? was I born with it? the diaper gene? like the homo gene?

but the rubber pants as such  were considered embarassing in my time and my society, and i hid them mostly, in bed. when i stopped beddwetting my mom discarded them and i considered my attraction to that desire  weird, potentially socially unacceptable  and not worth pursuing in view of the ostracizing by friends and family. just something nonproductive, not to be tagged  with, a useless bad habit.

then when about 12 or 13 one night i put on wet underwear, why, i dont remember, certainly because it was exciting. and i got terribly aroused and after a long while of crescendo wonderful amazing new feelings i erupted from my deep loins and immediately fell into a sweet  sleep,  exhausted, but the well feeling exhaustion. thats when/how  i knew what an ****** is. and then i practised  that everytrme i could not fall asleep at night. and not doing it was considered a sign of mental strenghth over a weak body....had i had advice like "its ok, just do it, it will not degrade you, everyone does it" who knows, i may not have been the person i aspired to be: strong and right, reigious and trustworthy. weakness was associated with my desires....

Although rubberpants were not to be worn for fear of getting caught,  the subject raised intense feelings of arousal and attraction in me everytime i thought about it. was i a repressed person then? in a way yes. to my disadvantage? maybe? neurotic? somewhat sure. not free? who is totally without punishment?

Then i married and occasionally i phantasized having diapers during foreplay. it was part of selferoticism in my head only, never did i share with my partners. too embarassing i guess. so we had mostly functional sex. my wife would frown at me ogling victorias secrets catalogs so i guess erotics were not important or to be banned, yet once in a while she would wear a lacy summer...because of the heat of the night. yeah sure babe, but that was just a fantasy....plastic pants? way over!

Then as we had children, the passions faded, yet the erotic attraction or interest in diapers and rubber pants never really faded, it could  easily be triggered ....and was mostly rejected.

With age came stress incontinence in my wife and frequency from big prostate  for me. i occasionally became incontinent to bladder spasm and had to resort to wearing occasionally protective pads at work until i had a rotorooter job. this reawakened my interest in rubber bph surgery went fine, everything clicks still, but i am left with urgency and occasional embarassng spills. no need to wear rubber pants but the deep erotic call still is there.

Then my wife noticed increased stress incontinence, first while running, then at tennis (after a beer and an espresso, a power serve on the tennis court ....whoa!  the game was interrupted with a dash to the bathroom... only once!). Then getting up in the morning had to be followed by a mad dash to the br, so when i suggested she wear diapers for protection, she gave me the same look she had on the tennis court after. no way, not me, i'd rather go swimming. well, I thought, i'll wait.

One day we went on a long car trip without reststops. we hated that, knowing that we both would get a call from the crotch. it was always embarassing to ask for the br on arrival at the inlaws.  so  it had to happen, it was inevitable:  when she overflowed and was so upset about wetting herself, i pulled into the next  pharmacy, bought depends and suggested she put them on right there and then. she amazingly and graciously accepted, with a twang of sheepishness.  and since i wanted  to try myself what always atracted me with diapers,  i offered an even swap: i wont make fun of her disability because i will wear  the same whenever she does. i expected a "yeah right"  answer but instead,  there was a long debate about what model and size and when etc which seemed to open us up. driving on became worry free,  we actually didnt speak much about it, whether it worked well (did!) but were very happy, much less grouchy, relaxed and flirty, nice to each other.

Now when we plan a trip or an activity ahead, we put the depends on the pile of our prepared clothes, like a signal...whether we need them or not, its on. And I most often look forward to that moment. after all we dont do power serves every day, so it is for protection more than actual incontinence. semantics ok.  more and more often we just put them on without real purpose...sometimes we go to bed with them on, and i sleep does she.

Then she started to  complain about the bulk, especially in summer, she likes to wear tight fitting pants, she looks good in them, and she was worried the diapers would somehow show, although they really didnt, we tested that,  so i said, why not simply pullup plastic pants? I expected another over my dead body buster, but no frown, no yeah right!  just an ok and a smile. i said she does not have to go to a store,  i'd buy her a set of 4 models, she could try them out, one would fit best. I wondered would  she do the same for me? I expected another  like hell, but got a "sure, why not, but i choose"...i was on! this was more than resignation...did she feel the same i did? probably. no need to debate that. and so we have this common understanding that what is good for her is good for me though in think i am the one who is more attracted to the erotic effect of vinyl pants and she likes it for the selfesteem/dignity/independence effect.


we use them on and off, sometimes we forget to take them off ....or does she keep them on on purpose? she is not incontinent in bed....sometimes we do not have them on at bedtime, sometimes `we like to put them on after we went to bed: Now  she lets me put them on on her and does the same to me. first it was hesitant, then it became a ritual, it just feels good, right, in a practical way loving and making everything safe for sleep, we then giggle like kids. do we feel like? not if you ask me but the AB in ABDL is clearly calling here. why are we like that or isnt everybody like that?

in bed we sometimes use snap-ons and have sex in them after a long that kinky? maybe. we wonder if we are fetishists. i always say we are homoerotics. true. The crave comes and goes, it is clean fun and we dont use it to expand or extrernalize our act to others. certainly for me it is a stimulus to an erection and occasionally i sponatenously ***, much tro my pleasant surprise, sitting on my bike, driving, walking.  i'd say  wearing rubber pants is a bit like taking viagra. so why can they advertize people in two bathtubs but not diapers/pants for adults?

my wife says she feels totally secure in them, she wears them more than i do and its all right with me. none of us has -oh dread- ever become totally incontinent while sleeping just because we wore diapers, and we never deliberately use them for relief even if the bathroom is far away.

so is it fetishism? not really, or then smelling roses is fetishism too. erotism? yes, athought the criteria for erotism are in the eye of the wearer. certainly not perversion unless you exaggerate. kinky? depends! psychosocial aberration? not as long as it is kept in control like we do, but certainly walking down the street in all but plastic pants for everybody to see would qualify. so no surprise you find everything on this board and it is up to the individual to choose. its behavioral and certainly  not immoral. the benefit is the positive feeling we get like everything else we do in life.

my recommendations? keep it to yourself. On boards like this or with the one you love, talk about it and dont feel embarassed.  in kids, especially teenagers, canalize those energies into good deeds, but dont shame or threaten them, because you will not suppress this feeling, it is simply hunger for the soul and we should not starve souls, although there can be an obesity problem too there, harump.

I just accept that feelings have behavioral consequences, and I have no trouble staying within their accepted limits. Cheers to my feelings, they are the freespirits! Liking to wear plastic pants is normal, but the arch of normalcy  is very very very wide!

Isnt that what we are exploring here?

we can  push the envelope, but we are responsible adults too, taste and decency are our guards. enjoy! i love my logo!

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thanks for sharing

I've always thought that babies imprinted on certain things, much like a baby animal imprints on its parents or a sock or something else that may carry on for the rest of its life. Some kids focus on blankets, dolls, toys, stuffed animals or some other thing. Not everyone needs them. For most of us, as we get older, those things change to better, more suffocated type toys, clothes, etc. For a few of us, we hold on to those things we started out with; our diapers, clothes, pacis, bottles, and maybe other baby things. They are simple, comfy, and easy to get and you don't need to expose them if you don't want to. For some of us, as we reach puberty, they become a fetish. Very erotic. I've quit worrying about why. It just is.

ha call it what you want too i will always enjoy wearing yes i will

I have to admit ,that has to be one of the best back to basics thoughts on why we love our plastic pants ,at the mo . iwearing my yellow plastic panties from adult cloth diaper -what a turn on ,i love it when they balloon up

I don't wear nappies all the time but they do have a soothing effect as long as no one's getting hurt go for it is my message

Suprima plastic pants. <br />
<br />
Your story is somewhat similar to mine. I have heard that a person' ssexual development stops at the age when the abuse first started. I am still stuck in diapers and plastic pants. I like your story.