Flying Cross Country & Out Of Control

I had been toying with the idea, diapered in public & no where to hide when the opportunity for the 'trip of a lifetime' came up. I had to fly across the country to a meeting solo and thought this would be it. It was amazing!

I had several diapers & catheters packed in my carry on with a few extra diapers in my purse. Before going through security, I put a diaper on in the event that I was xray'd and my bag searched. Fortunately, it was a non-event and passed through just fine. Once past security, I went straight to the bathroom, closed the stall door and put my plan into action.

I opened my diaper and pulled out the 14fr catheter from my bag with the small package of jelly. Taking a deep breath, I slowly lubed and slid the large catheter in. My heart was racing as I could feel it push into my bladder, and then expanded the Foley balloon. It was in, and I wasn't going to take it out until I reached my hotel. To ensure this, I put the plunger deep in my carry on luggage to ensure I had no immediate access to it. I was incontinent and getting on an airplane.

After putting on a fresh diaper, I pulled up my jeans, fixed my sweater and headed to my gate. It felt great knowing that I had no control, a strange sense of confidence that anything could happen, but also figuring nothing would. My trip required a layover in Atlanta before landing on the east coast. The first flight would be ~4hrs and the connection another 2hrs.

The first flight was completely uneventful. I had a window seat and "stuck" in the case of an emergency, but also pretty tired from not sleeping the night before (I was really excited about this!). So I slept... Before long we were about to land and I reached between my legs to feel if the swelling of my diaper and check for leaks. Nothing exciting to report...

I grabbed my bag and headed into the terminal and found my next gate. Once there, I found the nearest ladies room to check my status. All was calm... so I changed into a new diaper and boarded the second flight.

To my surprise I was bumped to first class! It was a smaller plan, so first class wasn't spectacular but with first class does come free drinks! Yikes!!

The stewardess offered us a glass of water and I was thirsty from missing the food service in the prior flight. Down went glass 1. Then the beverage service began and why not have mixed drink while sitting up front... I figured nothing happened on the first flight, so I was in the clear.

Then I felt it. The slow trickle of warm fluid dripping over my ****. I figured the open catheter must have been pointed up and each drop filled my creases. The man next to me thought I was captivated by whatever he was talking about, but I was lost in the warm sensation of my pants. I slowly slid my hand between my legs to confirm the warm swelling. I smiled as there were no leaks and... I was 'out of control'.

A short while later, the flight attendant refilled my drink without request. We still had an hr (so I thought) till landing and took a few sips. Again I could feel the warm liquid wet my lips. I could have rubbed myself right there, ugh! I wanted too. But the guy next to me... bla bla bla

As all flights being their landing, the trash was collected and we were told to fasten our belts, etc. Panic!! My seat belt was soaking wet. Being lost in my own pleasure, I completely got ahead of myself and had soaked the seat. Now my heart was really racing! This was supposed to be fun, a joke, a great adventure... but now I was fully exposed.

My mind raced... I grabbed the blanket and sat on it to 'dry' the wet seat. My diaper was so full, I could feel my *** sliding on the engorged padding of the Depends. There was no way I could walk off the plane without a waterfall of pee racing down my legs. So I jumped up and opened the overhead compartment, grabbing the diaper out of my purse. The cabin was dark, but not dark enough to conceal the white Maximum Absorbency Diaper in my hand. I rushed into the front bathroom.

As fast as I could, I ripped on the overflowing diaper and stuffed it into the small trash can. While opening the new diaper, my catheter dangled between my legs throwing drops of pee here & there. The drinks from the start of the flight had cleared my system, and leaking out of me like a water hose! I strapped on the new diaper, fastening it as tight as possible. Pulled up my cold soaked jeans and tried to convince myself that they were 'dark enough that no one would know...'

When I got back to my seat, I removed my sweater (fortunately I had a blouse beneath) and tied it around my waste like a sweatshirt. As we landed, I could feel the warm pee still dripping from me into the new diaper. It was painful pleasure as now I would have to make the walk of shame to the bathroom.

The plane finally stopped, lights went on and door was opening. Now or never, I was walking out the door, soaked in my urine. As I made it into the terminal, the man who was sitting behind me couldn't stop staring. Looking down at myself, my dark jeans were not fully revealing, but I knew he had seen the white diaper I took into the bathroom. I looked back at the man, we made eye contact. He gave me a sly smile of appreciation and he walked behind me as I headed to the bathroom. Looking back at him, he liked what he saw... I liked that I was in the bathroom and headed to a private stall.

Once in the stall, I sat on the toilet in my wet jeans and wanted to laugh. What a rush! I was caught and now that I was 'safe', oh wow did it feel great!!

Before I left the stall, I put on a clean pair of jeans, a new diaper and headed to the rental car lot.

When I finally checked into my hotel, and laid on the bed... a smile was across my face and, well... remember that 'rubbing' I was dreaming about!

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I Love that story, would love to do the same but too nervous about the open cath in the diaper.

Nice story !