Tight Plastic,rubber,clingfilm Panties

I love to pull a pair of tight plastic panties so my **** gets hard and wet in them i love to rub or vibrate with massager machine my hard wet **** through them till i come loads.

i walk around the house in them rubbing my **** from time to time making it wetter.

i love to make myself come in them on web cam thats great love a women watching me play with myself in them.

i go to bed in them  and rub myself through them till i come loads.

i like to look at pictures of women in plastic panties all types of plastic,rubber,cling film panties doing all sorts of things.

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naughtypanties naughtypanties
46-50, M
2 Responses May 16, 2010

totally hot!

Wow! That's horny. pffff I like it.. enjoy and stay wet!!