Plastic Pants Fun

I have loved plastic pants for many years now.
Years ago, they were called " rubber pants ".
As a Teenager, I would walk through neighborhoods, looking for rubber pants that were haging on clothes lines.
I would sneak back at night hoping the pants wrere still there.If they were, the pants became mine.
When I got back home, I would go upstairs to My bedroom, lock the door, ***** naked, and slide on the rubber pants.
My GOD!, rubber pants always gave Me a huge erection!
I would watch the head of My erection, stretch the plastic to the breaking point.
Many times My erection burst through the front with a nice "pop" sound.
I would take another pair of rubber pants and wrap it around My throbbing erection and pump away until I squirted!
After awhile, I didn't find too many rubber pants left out for Me to steal for sex. ( rubber pants for sex only ".
I found a store that sold big pairs of rubber pants, Loved it!
Once week I went to that store and buy 3 or 4 rubber pants, I wonder what the Sales girl thought I was doing.
So My teenage years were filled with rubber pants sex!
Thanks for reading.
fetishlover58 fetishlover58
1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I had a route through our nieghborhood where the babies lived. I would check the clothesline everyday and the trash barrel. One house that had twins, I would find several plastic pants a week in the trash, nothing wrong with them, no holes or anything. One lady asked me what I was loking for inn her trash and I siad baby pants, form then on until they moved, she would place them and a sack and set them beside the fence for me to pick up. Sometimes I would play with the kids and go to their bathroom where there was always rubber pants. I would put the on under my clothes and the go home.