Adult Nappy Punishment

When I was a child my mother used what she called 'baby punishment' on me. I thought you might like to hear about it.

It started when I was maybe six years old. By then I had a little sister who was eighteen months old. I knew I was an unruly child, and took advantage of Mum being on her own. One day she snapped and told me "Honestly, Robert, you're worse behaved than your little sister! I sometimes wish I could start again with you, and you were both babies!" With that she sent me to my room. Later that day she went shopping, taking Sophie in her pushchair and me tagging alongside. She got the groceries and then went to get supplies for Sophie. What I didn't notice was that she got some things for me too.

When we got home Sophie needed changing so Mum took her upstairs and put her into a clean nappy. I was in my room playing with my toys when she summoned me to her room too. Then she reminded me of what she'd said earlier, and said she was going to put me back into a nappy for the rest of the day.

She took down my trousers and underpants and laid me on her bed alongside Sophie. I cried as she sprinkled baby powder on me and pinned me into a terry nappy. Then she produced a pair of waterproof pants ('rubbers' we called them then) and pulled them up and over my nappy. For the rest of the evening she left me in my nappy and rubbers, with only a t-shirt on top. Sophie needed changing again a couple of hours later, and Mum decided to change us both at the same time. I didn't need changing, but she put a clean nappy on me anyway. To add to my humiliation, she put us to bed at the same time at six o'clock. I was still in my nappy and rubbers.

In the morning she got me up and took off my nappies, and asked me if I'd learned my lesson. I surely had - there was no way I wanted to wear nappies again. I was better behaved for a while, but then did something else which angered Mum. By now Sophie was toddling, and only wore nappies at night. So I found myself on Mum's bed having a nappy put on one morning, while my little sister looked on. Once again she made me stay in nappies all day, but this time she was having friends round for coffee. Even at that young age I knew it would be awful to be seen in nappies by Mum's friends, but she was insistent. "Babies don't get any choices about what they wear or who sees them, do they darling?"

So I found myself in nappies and rubbers as a seven year old, while my baby sister was in a dress and little girl's knickers. I was so embarrassed, especially when the ladies commented on how cute I looked. But my humiliation got even worse when Mum decided to check my nappies to see if I'd wet them - making me stand before her while she pushed two fingers under my rubbers and felt around my nappy. This punishment became a pretty regular feature of my time at home. Even as I got older, Mum would still put me back into nappies if she felt I deserved it.

As Sophie got older she became more aware of the fact that her big brother was sometimes put back into babyish nappies, and started to ask questions about it. I remember one time when I must have been ten or eleven, and had nappies on again. She asked Mum why I still had to wear nappies sometimes. "Well," replied Mum, "sometimes he acts like a baby, so he needs to be treated like one." Sophie smiled and said to me "So even though you're my big brother, you're still a baby?" I could have cried.

Mum stuck with her view that 'babies' didn't get any choice about what they wear or who sees them. On Sophie's eighth birthday she was having a party for a dozen or so of her friends. I was by then thirteen, and really didn't want to spend the afternoon with a load of little girls. I told Mum I'd be going out. She told me in no uncertain terms that I would not be going out - that I would be attending my little sister's birthday party.

Foolishly, I protested, telling her that there was no way I'd be going to her birthday. Mum grabbed my arm and marched me up to her bedroom. Before I knew it my jeans and underpants were off, and I found myself standing before my Mum wearing just a t-shirt. I was resigned to the humiliation of nappies again, but I wasn't at all expecting what happened next.

Sophie poked her head round Mum's door just in time to see her pull me across her lap and spank my bottom. Again and again she smacked me, until I actually started to cry. Finally she finished my spanking and laid me down on her bed. Within a couple of minutes I was back into nappies. It had been some time since I'd suffered this humiliating punishment. In fact, I'd started to believe that that sort of punishment was now behind me.

But it wasn't. By now I'd outgrown the rubbers I'd had to wear as a young child, and Mum produced a pair of plastic baby pants. I don't know where she could have got them, but they were just like proper baby pants - plastic waterproofs, and very crinkly. They even had little lace edging round the legs.

I begged Mum not to make me wear nappies and baby pants to the party, but she was having none of it. To my relief she did allow me to wear shorts over them, but when I glanced in the mirror it was obvious I had a nappy on. And when I walked the baby pants crinkled so loudly.

I went back downstairs and straight away Sophie shrieked with laughter and asked if I was wearing nappies again. I hoped Mum would allow me some dignity, but she immediately confirmed that not only I was, but that I would be wearing them for the rest of the day. Sophie could barely contain herself as she said how much her friends would love to see her big brother in nappies. I just wished the ground would open up and swallow me. When her friends arrived they played their games for a while, and I thought I'd got away with it. But then Sophie said "Mummy, do you think Rob may have wet his nappies yet?" All the little girls' eyes turned to me, and I went bright red. Then Mum turned to me and said "She's right, Robert, let me check you're still dry. Come here and I'll check your nappy."

Very red faced, and fearing another spanking if I didn't comply, I meekly walked towards her. I could feel the eyes of a dozen little girls on me as she undid my shorts and let them drop to my ankles, revealing my plastic pants and nappies. The girls giggled and giggled as Mum poked two fingers inside my baby pants and nappy, before announcing that I was still dry. From then on, though, I was a laughing stock.

Not long after that Mum decided that when I was suffering baby punishment that I should truly experience what it was like to be a baby again. So the next time she put me into nappies she told me that I would stay in them until I wet them.

By then I was fourteen, and interested in girls. But I had no chance. My little sister took every opportunity to tell my potential girlfriends that I still had to wear nappies sometimes. The next time Mum punished me she told me that she wasn't going to just leave me in nappies for a day, but that she was going to leave me in them until I wet them. What a dilemma! The humiliation of being made to wear a nappy was bad enough, but previously it had only been for a finite period. Now it was until I used my nappies for what they were intended. I tried so hard to avoid being punished, and I managed it for six months or so.

But then one day Mum decided I should be punished, and back into nappies I went. I was by then fifteen, and found my baby punishment utterly humiliating. My nappies felt bulky and uncomfortable, not helped by Mum buying me some baby knickers with masses of frills around the legs and bottom, just like a real baby's.

There was no way that my shorts would fit over my nappies and baby knickers, so Mum told me I could either wear just my nappies and baby knickers with a t-shirt, or I could have a dress on to cover them up. Of course I couldn't countenance wearing a dress, but Mum took the decision out of my hands. Once I was in my nappies and baby knickers she told me how sweet I looked, and produced a white summer dress. She told me she wanted me to wear it because as I had to wet my nappies she needed to be able to check me, and it would be easier if I had a dress on rather than trousers or shorts.

So, utterly ashamed as I felt, I had no choice but to accept being put into a dress. It was a deflating, humiliating feeling being put into a dress. Nappies were bad, but this was so much worse. My little sister thought it was so funny seeing her brother in not only nappies, but also a dress. I wished I could die.

A couple of hours later I needed to go to the toilet, but Mum wouldn't allow it, so I had no choice but to wet my nappy. Here I was - fifteen years old, in a nappy and baby knickers, and a dress, and with no choice but to wet. I was so red with embarrassment. My sister just laughed. Before I left home I suffered more humiliations
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I wish I could have changed places with you!! I would have asked your mom to change my diapers and plastic baby panties in front of your sisters girlfriends. Then I would have you mom teach each one of your sisters friends to change my plastic baby panties. Having each one slowly
Slip different color rubber baby pants on me while rubbing the front of my plastic baby panties and talking baby talk to me!!!!!!

Great story. Was it real or fiction? Either way I found it very stimulating. Wish I'd been treated like that.

Eu como gostaria ter uma mamãe assim pra ser mimado por ela eu ficava feliz a usar fraldas todos os dias adorei a ler essas historias.

Hi there,<br />
Whilst the fantasy side of my imagination loves this story I have to say that I, like your self know, just what a humiliation it is to be forced back into nappies, it was done to me for bed wetting at around aged nine, and I hated it, however now at aged almost fifty years, I love my nappies and have worn them for ever, childhood should be the happy time in your life, as kids we are so reseptive of any adut imput, and when as a kid you are subject to any form of humiliating or abusive punishments, well, I think that for the majority of those that have suffered, the seeds are set and we carry that influence, insecurity and shame with us for the rest of our lives, one thing that I do hate though is when people do bad things to kids, and their own childhood experiencies are used to defend their actions, I know lots of people now, who have suffered childhood traumas, and to be honest the vast majority grow up wanting to give everything that they lacked in childhood to their own children, and friends alike, such as unconditional love and total support.<br />
Thank you for sharing your story.<br />
Kind regards dave.

Great story wish I met your mum.

keep it goin thanks

Wow, thanks for telling

i wish i wast your mums baby i would have love it now wear 24/7 and dresses

So what happened after you wet the nappy? Did you have other experiences? Very well written experience but difficult to het your heaad round.

Quick reply, I love being put in nappies now, if I could get way with it I would wear 24/7

Heck ! , I thought my mother was bad enough , Mind you i was not forced in to Diapers & plastic pants , mind you !!! , I would be in heaven now If I had to ware Plastic pants all day Ha Ha

Wow. Are you ok after all of that?<br />
<br />

Do tell more. As a question how do you feel about it now?