Lifetime Bed Wetter

I first got put back into cloth diapers and plastic panties by my Mom when i was about 12 and goodnights just wouldnt last nor the dispoables and she diapered me every night right up until i got married to my now wife who also diapers both me and her 12 year old son who is only 1o years younger then me. they do work and keep the bed dry and they also seem to keep me in line and respecful to her. I get to once in a while on weekends just wear my plastic panties befor bed and that can really feel great when she rubs me through the panties and then we make love if i don't *** in the panties. both me and her son are diapered all weekend and are in goodnights during the day as training pants.
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22-25, M
3 Responses May 9, 2012

You`re both lucky..would love to see both of you in your diapers!

Quite the understanding mom and wife.

You are so lucky