I Love Plastic Pants Too....

Hi there,

You find Plastic (pants) lovers all over the world. Here in Holland we have them to, I have a few friends here with the same affection. For me it started when i was about 7. My Parent had bought a Plastic, gray, half-transparent raincoat, and when i tought it i was hooked. When i had the chance i tried to touch it. My parents didn't understand it, so i was not allowed to do that. but i could not help myself hehe. A little later i discovered Plastic pants, and as i didnt have them myself and had not money i "lend" a few from neighboors. Later i bought them myself. In between i hid them in a box in my closet. When i was 13 my brother discovered them and showed them to my friends. That was not a nice experience, wich resultet in buying one and after a few day throw them away, as i was afraid to be discovered again. In a Belgian forum i read that other guys did the same after being discovered. It a pitty as my early collection vanished that way. When i lived at my own later i bought some at the drugstore but a few years later they dissapaired almost completely as Pampers became more popular. The last 10 years i started collecting again, and added a lot of different kind of Plastic pants from all over the world to my ols collection. I also collect those Plastic raincoats. And wear everyday a Plastic-coated jacket outside.

Oke thats all for now. Hope you guys and girls like my experience :)

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Plastic, there is no better feeling than
a plastic baby pantie rustling between your thighs while you walk around like a limitless baby or toddler!!

A lot of us have similar stories, Plastic. I've been discovered several times over the years; some were just accidental and other times I either intentionally showed them to my friends and lovers or put my plastic pants in a place of discovery. It was always interesting to me that if my pants were accidentally discovered, not much if anything was ever said to me, except one time. My brother discovered them and took them to my mom. It was very embarrassing trying to explain them in my possession. I was 12 at the time. My wife thought it was cute and didn't mind me wearing them. I've only had a discussion with my wife and one other person about why I wanted to wear them. Like anyone else, I don't know what drives me to wear them, but I do. To most people in this world, it's not a social norm, and may be confusing to them or they may be put off by it. I know and accept that, but it's always been a private thing with me. However, I'm finding more friends who wear and I don't mind talking about my experiences now.
BTW, those are great looking pants on your profile pic. I really like the color yellow. Are those adult size or real baby pants? They are probably very hard to find.

good point about plastic pants around the world - I love looking for them on holiday, you just need to know what to ask for eg in Holland I think its kinder broekje or patienten broeken.<br />
Actually you could explain for us the difference between broeke, broeken, broekje, broekjen I am confused!

Me too - I usually wear a plastic apron around the house. Over my clothes, that is.