First Time I Saw A Pvc Raincoat.

The first time I saw a PVC rain coat was at school. One morning just before school started a girl walked into our tutor room. I was rooted to the floor because she was wearing a transparent purple PVC raincoat that came down to her hips, there was also 2 white stripes down the outside of the sleeves. This was one of the most beautiful things I had seen. I became friends with this girl and even dated her but did not tell her about my desire to wear her mac but enjoyed kissing her on the occasions that she wore the mack, feeling the mac on her with my arms wrapped around her. After a couple of months of dating I was round her house and it was raining. Her mum asked if I could pop to the shop and get her a few things. My gf didn't want to go as she was watching something on tv. So I said I would go but it was raining. My GF told me to put her PVC mac on as it would keep me dry. I got the mack from the back of the kitchen door where it was hung up, and with hands and arms trembling with excitement I pushed my hand and arm through that tunnel of delight, pushing harder as my hand came to the elasticated cuff. After repeating this with my other arm I managed to do up the zip as my hands were still shaking with excitement. The feel of the PVC on my bare arms and the rustleling of the PVC with every movement was electrifying. Any way I went to the shop and back in a dream world, and was dissapointed when i had to take it off when I got back.
But when it came to go home it was still raining, and so was given The PVC mac to wear home. The walk home took a long time, and when I got home I had to explain to my mum why I was wearing a transparent purple PVC mac. I went upstairs to my room and ******** off and put the PVC mac back on my now naked body my **** now rock hard I caught hold of my rock hard **** and began to rub the mac against it. It wasn't long before I exploded into the mac. At this moment my mother came in and caught me. She said that shouldn't give the mac back in that state and to clean it properly before I gave it back. Needless to say the GF and I broke up a few weeks later I never gave the mac back and my GF never asked for it back. My mum forgot about the mac and I still have it to this day.
My wife loves wearing it for me and her own Transparent purple PVC mac which she was wearing when I first met her.
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What a great story.


great story

Yes I know the feeling, since I was in my early teens in the late fifties early 60's, everybody wore a plastic mac, so wearing a plastic mac, what ever colour was no problem, my aunt always bought me my macs and they were always bright blue with a large hood on them, I dated many girls and women who also luckly like to wear plastic macs, my wife also loves anything made from pvc or rubber, we have a large wardrobe full of plastic and rubber macs and walking suits, and another cupboard with our pvc pyjamas and plastic pants we wear when going to bed, I have to wear plastic pants and pads 24/7 so she also loves to wear pvc pants to bed but usually she wears thin latex pants to bed, so I wish you luck for your marriage and glad you found that some one who as the love of plastic as you do.

Yes, indeed.

Clear / Transparent PVC macs are just so sexy & hot<br />
To wear a PVC mac naked is very arousing