My Pvc Raincoat Memory

I am born in 1950 :
My fist memory about raincoat: May be I was 4 or
5 years old , I remember my mother wanted me to wear
a white long hooded pvc raincoat and as far I can
remember I was not very happy. In my memory it lasted
a long time before I accepted.

Later, I was 6 or 7 years old, I remember very
well discovered in a cupboard located in the
garage two raincoats in pure vinyl .
My mother’s one: a long hooded raincoat – cape ? I
mean a coat but fitted with large sleeves like a
poncho . It was in vinyl very shiny inside and matt
outside with a small texture. The hood was very large
and there was a small link of vinyl to close it up.
My father’s one a long raincoat made of smoked see
throu vinyl very supple and shiny inside and outside.

Which one was the best . my father’s one I like
very much this charcoal see throu pvc sheet.
I remember have very often went down in the garage to
smell , wear and… those two raincoats.

Later, when I was 12 …..16 years old (I lived in
France near the channel), the fashion was in oilskins
vinyl green ( like fisherman raincoat but in parka not
long one) . I remember every year at the beginning of
the autumn we went bought a new oilskin for bad
season. It was a wonderful time to smell in a small
shop all those oilskins and to choose a hooded one or
a non hooded but with a rainhat you know this special
rainhat for fisherman.

As this time I also can remember having found in my
grandmother cupboard a raincoat in electric bleu pvc
raincoat with hood and buttons not those awfull
I can yet remember one day I was in my grandmother
home to wash and paint her ceiling and as I started to
wash I said "please mummy to avoid to be soaked give
me your raincoat" and I spent two or three hours
wearing this raincoat. At the end I had to go to
toilet , as I was too hard to go on.
cirevinyl cirevinyl
61-65, M
Dec 11, 2012