Remembering Those Shiny Jelly Bean Jackets

 I remember back in grade school, many having those colored shiny plastic rain jackets. Mostly the girls wore them but a few boys had them. I wanted to have one so bad but, could never seem to muster up the courage to ask mom for one.Its seemed to me more of a girl type garment. Plus many had like rainbows on them or neighbor at the time, her name was Roslyn had one and when it was a rainy day she would often wear it. It was clear blue with the rollerskates on it. Again, I wanted one so bad at the time. I would love when she would be out playing and wear it. It had a drawstring hood,plastic zipper, and elastic cuffs and waist. It was like so cool! shiny and glossy! This was around the time of the early 80s and I later found out they were often called "Jelly bean jackets"......Well ,so Roslyn grew up moved away but I always will remember that cool  shiny plastic rainjacket she had. I sometimes wonder if she ever kept it?...I search the internet now and then for "Jellybean" jackets or things like them and dont find too much. They dont really sell those type jackets these days it seems. I sometimes still fantasize and would actually purchase and wear one if they were readily available in adult sizes these days...maybe I'll come across one sometime....

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5 Responses Jan 1, 2010

well my friend your in so much luck,i only own about 50 of those all super shiny,you can see my total pvc super collection at flickr under showtimepvc just type it in or shop at pvc u for all your desires,every color

I so remember those jackets! I had to go one step further and get the matching shoes. I could only find the blue and red shoes to match my jackets so I didnt wear the yellow too, often. What a great memory.

I had some of those jackets with the roller skates and stuff on the back - very smooth plastic with satiny-looking translucent colors. I had pink, blue, white, and yellow...wore them all out. I really liked the color of the pink one the best.

Ha! I had several & they were the prettiest most uncomfortable things ever. I remember they were easy to tear or snag. They also made you sweat profusely. Regardless of how hot/warm/cold it was you sweated inside of this jacket. So you spent the better part of the day zipping it and unzipping it, taking it off & putting it back on. Even though I knew this it did not stop me from wanting one. Oh the memories. Thank you.

Check Ebay. Sometimes they show up. I've collected a number of jackets and raincoats over the years, although they're pretty rare now. Two companies that sell rain jackets similar to the old ones are and C.