Plastic Rainwear "turn On"

As a young boy I didn't understand my feelings when I wore a plastic raincoat. However as I got older I did! When I bought a plastic raincoat a few years ago I got a hard on as soon as I touched it! When I got home and put it on in my room, where I was alone, I got a great reaction. I pumped out really fast and my body began to shake violently with the excitement of wearing the raincoat! My whole body shook,making me pump away like crazy. I don't wear plastic so much now, but I love to see women wearing pvc and plastic. It still a "turn on" and makes me shake!

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Yes.. so it is.. naked women in a clear plastic raincoat..

I have worn plastic macs since my childhood.I am now in my late fifties and still get the same thrill every time I put one on.My wife caught me many years ago and I have had to wear a plastic mac every time we go out.I have a large collection of macs all in different colours.When we go out I am not allowed to choose which mac I wear my wife says that is her decision as I am a sissy.