I have lots of rubber panties but i'd like to get some plastic pairs that kids used to wear over their nappies.

i can't seem to find them anywhere except ebay and their soooooooo expensive lol.

i wanna play too!

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You can also try baby-pants.com. I think pricing is a little better than fetware and they are all from Gary plastic products. Then there is Leakmaster- nice heavy weight plastic panties. Oh yeah, try adultclothdiaper.com too.

i agree with scotty fetware products are great. good quality and great service try them

Hey > check out fetware.com : yea I know it's on the internet ! but they have great looking plastic baby panties for adults in either bikini style or regular fit ones >>>>> I've bought every style they've got and they look and feel greatttttttt .....( so soft and smooth and oh soooo cute ) scotty

While some of the products look similar, I'm not sure they are the same company. If so they completly redid thier web sight and added medical to thier name, but still looks like a good source for plastic wear.

Not true, protex is still around at www.myprotex.com.

Check out Ebay. I got a bunch off Ebay and they were decent quality and the thin soft type I like. I've been using the Priva brand. I used to get them from Protex for life, but they disapeared.

small price to pay for such exquisite pleasure :)

They may seem expensive, but you get what you pay for.