It's In My Blood.

My grandmother did the puzzles, the cryptograms, the anacrostics. My mom is the one that really likes to put jigsaws together, and cards are my thing, without a doubt. We also do a little but of the others, but each of us really enjoy what we like.
    My mother and her sisters, and even my grandmother would stay up all hours of the night fitting the seemingly endless little jigsaw pieces together with a steady glue of wine and memories.
    Since my grandmother passed, it has been hard to pick up a puzzle book and start working away at words without thinking about her.
    We used to pass puzzle books back and forth. She did the puzzles I found too difficult, and I save the ones I knew she liked.
    She was amazing, in everything she did and every word she said was regarded in awe and filled me with a happiness unique to her. No matter how proud I was of anything I did, telling her and hearing her enthusiastic praise could make my chest swell to no end. Her words were keen, her advice was sound and her wisdom broad. She was a strong woman who raised 6 children, and worked 35 years in a factory toward a well-earned retirement. I know why, at the end of the day, she loves her cryptograms so much.
    I think about her a lot. There are a great many things in my life I would have loved to share with her, stories I would have liked to tell her. I've taken up more puzzles than I used to, but there is no passing anymore.
    Now that I am the only one working the pages, the puzzles aren't so difficult. I find joy in certain games that I didn't before. I can find words in my head that never used to come to me.
    And I smile, because even now, I know I'm still not the only one working the puzzles.
KarmaFred KarmaFred
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1 Response May 12, 2007

hold on to the memories of your grandma, sure there are times that you'll feel sad but that is alright.