Competitiion Is Fun

I am 55 my friend of forty years and I just spent 3 weeks catching up.                  She was my roommate when I got pregnant and I watched her children for her.  We got connected with facebook after not talking for 10 yrs and for 3 weeks caught up playing cards and watching '  football-goodtimes good laughs/good memories.    For awhile I thought i would get a cancer diagnosis but didn't,  She found me one day on facebook after looking for me for two years.  It's so odd because our children pretty much grew up together and her son and daugher wanted to see me which made me feel pretty proud.  Now I met their six children adn  we all play games.   Didnt ever think of reconnecting with her so felt good someone from 10 yyearss ago would care about me  that much.  For years  we played all kinds of board games and caught up playing board games again.  That's my story;
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

a very nice story.