Chess Is Perfect.

To me, playing chess is the ultimate experience. It is 64 perfect squares, and 32 pieces, that can never change, they can never be altered, the knight will always move in an "L" shape, the bishop will always move diagonally, etc. Whenever I do anything, whether it's watch a movie, play video games, smoke weed, whatever, I'm still aware of things, I still am thinking about my life, and whatever "troubles," or "issues" I happen to have. When I play chess everything fades away. Nothing exists except those perfect squares, the bound pieces, moving according to the rules, using the perfect strategy. If I win, it's because of my own strategic skills, not the luck of the die, if I lose, it's because my opponents strategy is superior to my own, not because he drew a better hand than I. It's like battle, but no one gets hurt, you can fight again, and again, nothing changes. I always hate losing in board games, because I feel as if I've wasted the past 3 hours, collecting property, and building hotels, only to lose in the end. With chess, even when you lose, you learn. With each and every game, you have the opportunity to learn, to improve your strategy, to improve your mind! It's truly amazing. Plus, it increases your mental alacrity, which is always good! It helps you to think strategically in all aspects of life, not just chess. I'll end with a quote by Larry Evans, that perfectly captures the nature of chess:
"Chess is a way of life. It slays boredom and exhilarates the spirit.
You're always thinking, always in present time. You know you're alive.
You're always being challenged and threatened . There is no social purpose,
only the joy of trying to create a pocket of beauty in a noisy world."
Rivfader Rivfader
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

I love chess too. But i love more. It's a cheat site

Very well said. My kids are playing chess with me (I'm re-learning). It's so much fun. I love games, learning and competition. As you said, chess is perfect! :o)

:D I have been "re-learning" it myself! Not the rules, but the strategies, openings, etc. When I was a teenager, I was obsessed with chess, lol! I would literally go to sleep with puzzles in my head; They would pop into my head, and I would solve them, as I went to sleep, lol! But I stopped playing for a while, as there was no one to play with, but I've recently taken it back up, and my love of it has been "renewed" as it were. :)

Very cool! :o)