Blowing Off Steam

It is a great way to just calm down at the end of a day or if you have some free time, my favorite games are strategy/conquest I try to think ahead of the computer while also expanding my new world order, the best ones for me are empire and civilization they are both different and each time you start a new game you must adjust your strategy just a bit if you keep it the same to long the computer picks up on it a bit, but one that you have to change your strategy for the most in my opinion is stronghold I cannot play it the same way twice in a row without the computer seeing a minor flaw in my strategy and I have found the almost perfect way to win once I acquire my foothold on resources.

Once again in short it is a fun way to quiet down at the end of the day while still expanding your logic at the same time.
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26-30, M
Aug 6, 2011