in 1998, there was this game called Half-Life. the 1st time i played this game, it blew up my mind (kiddin). half-life is the only reason i love playing computer games. from then on i started playin different kinds of game. i played Neverwinter Nights which is the best since Diablo, Halo (the 1st one) is also a nice game. old games are always the best, ask the experts.

santcma79 santcma79
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 6, 2010

I love Half life! Half life 2 I enjoy even more. It is because of these games that I was introduced to my other favorite games that I can play with my gaming friends whenever I want to play a game with them. I guess I don't enjoy the older games as much, but Half life was my first favorite computer game.