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My Wife In Our Lil Daughters Panties.

my wife came in in our 11 year olds hello kitty panties one night she wanted to act like a little girl for me she wanted to be tucked in and then i came back and started touching her. we have been doing this for a while she even dresses up like a little girl now and calls me daddy i find in very hot.

is any one else like this love to talk to someone about this
oneshot82 oneshot82 26-30, M 17 Responses Aug 19, 2012

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My wife is very petite too once we bought a white communion outfit with little girl's socks and panties and wehad a lot of fun. She plays the innocent naive little girl and I am the very nice old man ready to pleasure her!

I play Daddy and naughty princess with my lover and it's amazing and fun and takes us to places of forbidden that continue to Daddy is a safe place....I can tell him anything and he can do anything he wants...

Hot, very hot!

Wow sounds very hot;)

i love these post!

Yes I feel the same way as you. My wife, who is quite small by nature, very easily dress up as a preteen. She loves to do it for unknown reasons. Our erotic life takes on a new quality because of this. When we traveled recently she dressed up like a preteen on the hotel and sat in the lobby, where I flirted with her, took her to the resting room and had sex there, hearing other people outside the booth. She is the "lolita" satisfying an older man. We haven't gone into her actual experiences as a preteen, I don't feel it is necessary.

I love the pic of your wife in those panties. It's really hot

how do i fix it

maybe that got t

im trying to fix it but i cant seem to :/

oh ok cool

ya sure not really sure how it works im new to this

yea sometimes when she is away we go into her room that is still done up in Disney and fool around

she is 17 our daughter is 11

yes our babysitter one time kept putting her underwear in with our daughters and my wife was like oh no those are mine the look on her face was priceless. and some of our other friends thought it was very kinky lol

no i guess there are alot of people that do it. and you are right it is a great way to make things fun in bed