Rectal Temps

For as long as I can remember I have found the idea of taking a girls rectal temperature to be very erotic. I have no idea where this fetish came from but it is just as strong today as it was many years ago. Unfortunately I have had very little real life experience with this procedure and have to satisfy the itch through pictures and stories. I think my interest in the female anus probably has something to do with my feelings but I know it goes beyond just that. Even the visual image of a cute girl having her oral temperature is a bit of a turn on. I know that makes me the exception rather than the rule but what can I say?
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Mine is being the girl and getting my temp taken by a lover

I am just like you t.... I played with boys too, though I am NOT gay. I always prefered girls. IT was to my delight that it was mostly girls that were into the game of doctor. Like you said, there is something EXTRA special about girls' bottoms both to spank and to doctor. Most are lovely. I am turned off by FAT butts. They just don't have the same touch or look of erotica.

I 've had very little experience with takinga girls rectal temperature but donmany timese it many times with other boys and had mine take many times i love being on both ends

You missed out of the loveliest bottoms in the world! Very few boy butts can come even close in comparison!

That a matter of oppinion