Rectal Temperatures

When I was a kid we often had our temperature taken rectally so sometimes during play we would play doctors and nurses and take each others temperatures as well as do general examinations but as we got a bit older the boys and girls seperated and boys would examine boys and girls examine girls.
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Playing doctor was quite common among kids in the 6O's and 7O's. Once the prelimniaies were out of the way such as listening to the heart and ENT exam, the real FUN of the game would start. This included probing with hands and fingers from chest to knees. Then, the patient was told to roll over for most of the remainder of the exam. An RT would be taken using a toy thermometer or anything slender. They always had a fever so the next step was to give them one [usually several] shots on either side of the butt. Depending upon how many were playing, each check-up took from 5-12 minutes.
I will post a couple of stories in a while. Stay tuned!

It was pretty rare was I was a kid, I only dimly remember getting it a couple of times when I was small, yet it definitely was a major part of when we would play doctor. "Shots" would always involve pinching the other kid's butt.

would like to hear more about playing doctor and shots and temps thanks

I was inn my mid teens before i knew there was any otherway then rectally<br />
and my granny was the worlds worst all you was to sniffle around her and down came the pants and underware and up the butt it went and then if had the smallest temp was the cure for it all the enema how at the time i hated it but love it

I think we did similar things out of curiosity and like you at the doctors we had rectal temperatures and shots.