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Playing Doctor

I was 9 when my cousin stayed with us for the summer. He was 13 and I was very happy he liked to play with me, cause he was so much older than me.

His favorite game was playing doctor and nurse. He made me undress me to examine my *****, which felt really funny and a bit weird for me. He seemed to like that game very much though I was wondering why I could not have a "normal" appendicitis, but letting him watch and touch my privates was a thrilling adventure cause I was educated to hide them from the view of my siblings.

He also made me examine his ****, on which I diagnosed a bad swell. He made me treat it with a massage and I was really scared when his **** was leaking some fluids I thought it was some kind of sanies. I healed him with a bandage around his ****.

One day he said I had fever and measured the temperature in my vagina with a finger. He offered to try to measure with his penis but I told him it was weird, though I thought it would be thrilling.

At last he said that he had to heal that hole in my crotch and applied a thoroughly layer of band-aid on my ***** which caused a hell of pain to remove it later.

My mother was really mad with me and tried to forbid me playing doctor, but we played it again a few times which was even more exciting to do it secretly.
JenniEales JenniEales 22-25, F 14 Responses Jan 23, 2013

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I would love to play doctor with you. I promise I will cure you everywhere! LOL

Jenni thank you for sharing your story with us.

My 1st cousin and I played doctor & patient a lot. We swapped out on who was the doctor & who was the patient. I am / was not circumcised so she loved playing with my foreskin and I loved to play with her wet *****.

We continued this until we were older with mutual ************ and oral sex and never had sexual intercourse.

I started playing doctor with my cousin when I was 5 and she was 4. We had a large bush by the side of the house that made a hide-away cave. Naturally I was the doctor and she was the patient. I loved examining and exploring her little ***** & decided then at my young age that girl's ******* were the most pleasant thing in the world. I did have the sensation of horniness for a few years & later started ************ at age 10, but that's another story...

I, too, played with two cousins. It was all about bottom play, giving shots and taking rectal temps. They both enjoyed my being the doctor as much as I did doctoring them.

I don't remember playing doctor when I was younger, but I would've been more than happy to have played it with you back then.

Would like to hear more stories of you playing doctor . Would like to chat with you thanks

I use to play like that with the little girls where I lived too. It was always fun and I always got off from one of them. I was able to get them to stroke my **** for me.

I use to play doctor with the girls and guy's in my neighbor hood.Oh how i remember those days.I often hope i didn't scar them for life.It was just kid stuff to me.

I played doctor and nurse with a girl, when it was her turn to be examined, I remember how pretty her knickers were, little flowers all over then and cotton, when I first saw her *****, I thought she had cut herself, and did she need a plaster, she said no, all girls have one like hers, I wasn't the brightest back then, I put my finger inside her, and she got wet, then it was my turn, she pulled my pant's down and started playing with my willy, when it went stiff I didn't know why, I suppose I was still unaware how my body worked, my mum never told me what happens when boys get excited, in the end my auntie told me about thing, she was more open, I suppose my mum was too shy to tell me...

thanks for sharing your story

Anytime Jenni

lol - damn thats funny - i think we all played doctor at least once growing up

cousin play.. my fondest memories were the summer of 17.. perhaps I will share soon

share it - we'll like to hear about it

Very good story

thank you

I enjoyed your story , I use to play doctor with my cousin to !!!!

how about posting your story too?

I will think about doing that baby !!!!

good story

thank you :-)

Lovely! thanks for sharing!