So Many Meanings

Being from the South, "Playing Frogger" means more than one thing to me.  What most of you think of is the famous ATARI and online computer game that so many of us play.  I love playing Frogger, but I get upset when my frog gets smushed by a truck or eaten by an alligator. All of this is good clean fun.

However to Southern people if you are playing "frogger" it means you are crossing against the lights or not in a designated crosswalk.  It is also good, dangerous fun when the traffic is heavy.  Most of the counties around where I live have a pedestrian right away in crosswalks but outside it is all fair game.

If you like this game let me tell you about "car tag."


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11 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Me too but I had never seen this one until he brought it up on my post. I was telling my dad about it (on the phone of course) and he started laughing before I even finished telling him about it. He is going to bring his Seinfeld tapes when we meet (after over 5 years Y'all) and we are going to watch them Monday.

It is very sad.

I love playing Frogger too on my super nintendo, sad when he gets run over.

LOL are u sure? I wanted to play with you.

I'll just stick to the video game... lol

LOL I didn't mention this Al but since you brought it up that is good clean fun too lol.

LOL, that is for another story.

I agree. I am watching it again.

Love the sound effects. One of Seinfeld's better moments =)

LOL, I had never seen that before but I am sitting here laughing hysterically for the first time in days so thank you.