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i seem like i love to play guitar for almost any reason. When im happy sad or just to get away from it all.. I mostly find myself playing beautiful rock songs ive never heard before. Ive found that im kindof a natural at it. Never had a lesson. Dont have a clue what letter the note (except when the digital tuner says) is or what chord it is. Cant read music. But when i pick the strings... Guitar rocks. Guitar is a 6 string baringer electric. Amp is a fender mustang. When the neighbor kids come over to play with my kids they call me rockin daddy. They beg me to play a song. I ask them to join in. I have a full drum set and 2 keyboards as well as mics mixer & P.A. My son is good w/ drums & my daughter likes to sing. Shes a 9yr old red head that sounds a little bit like the red headed B52s girl. As for the neighbor kids?? Well uh... We just all have a great time. My playing style is a bit weird & not by choice. I first picked up a guitar in 88. In 90 i dropped a manhole lid onto my left thumb index & middle finger. Bout smashed them off almost completely. I was left handed. Now im very ambidextrious. Had to learn being right handed writer. They healed nicely but to this day their aint a lick of feeling in the tips. After all that. No more guitar. So i bought a keyboard. Fun but you know. Kinda ho hum. Then in 08 a friend said here... See if u can play my electric. Uh...ok but dont twist my arm. My first instinct was to hold it as right hander. Uno neck left. It felt weird but right. I pushed down to frets. No feelings but brain said strum. Out came this sound. It was good. Push on more strings that i cant feel. Strum. More cool sounds ! Friend was blown away ! My heart was pumpin like if i orgasmed. I tend to push more w/ underside of knuckles than tips but hey... It works ! I actually cried in front of my friend. A week later i found a new baringer fit best & im playing again ! Guitar never left my heart but i practically gave up on her. My advise...Give god a big thank you ! Get your kids started early and rock on dudes.
joey10 joey10
41-45, M
Nov 6, 2011