Last night I finished 'Frankensteining' this Squier Strat that my wife had gotten me for my birthday. I put a new neck-maple fretboard, custom antiqued headstock designed by myself, new picguard, pots, and pickups (it was a S-S-S, not its a HB-S-HB. 'Friends don't let friends play on single coils'. Don't forget that!

There's a whole lot of stuff left to do: I need a string retainer for the high 'E', a new volume knob. The one I installed was a push-push type, but it spins around and around with no way to know where '0' is. But I was able to string it up and get it to play last night. There is a locking nut routed out, so I just put a black base with adjustments of its own. New pickguard which goes very well with the coffee? brown matte fiinish. I dropped a Seymour Duncan SH 6 in the bridge, I'm about to install a different mid position pickup too! Don't know which model, but it's an Entwistle with some pretty high output. And then the neck bucker is a CaliG brand pickup, the H47.

Everything is sounding good, but I have to switch that volume pot out and put a CTS push - pull knob there instead. That takes care of the volume knob problems and will also allow me to coil tap these humbuckers I'm in a blues band presently, and so coil tapping is crucial at times!

Anyway, just thougt I'd share!

TtotheD TtotheD
56-60, M
Aug 17, 2014