I've Played Every Gin Joint In Upstate N.y., Well, Most Of Them Anyway!

I've been playing guitar for many decades.  I started playing when I was fifteen.  I started my first band at the age of 16.  We had three guitars across the front with a drummer.  Back then we were all afraid to sing, except this one guy who did all the vocals.  We added some back-up vocals, but that's what the music was like back then.  Roots of rock & roll.   Then, we graduated to a rhythm and blues group with two sax's, bass guitar, & drums.  Everyone was singing by then.  Today I have one sax player, bass, guitar, lead singer and drums.  We're called "The Kopy Kats."  We, of course, are a cover band.  In the old days, we would play 4 nights a week in some of the clubs.  Back then the band business was thriving.  Not too much today.

We all still dress the same, which most groups don't do.  I pay everyone the same as I get.  We all work hard, why not.  The guys are compatible with each other, which is so important with keeping a group together today.  This group has been together for 13 years now.  We still draw a good crowd.  It's mixed too.  I've been playing Fender all my life.  I have a vintage 1959 Fender Strat.  I also have a cherry 1970's Black strat.  I have 4 acoustic guitars, and now, I am playing a Gibson Les Paul.  It's great, and has a fat sound.  I play it through a vintage Fender vibrolux reverb amp.  It's been overhauled with new pots, tubes, etc..  I get the best sound ever.  You couldn't turn me off of Fender, before, but now, I love that Gibson.  But, it's pretty heavy carrying it on my shoulder through four sets.  I'm starting to sing 40 percent of the vocals even though I have a lead singer.  Our singer is great, though.  He's really smooth on the slower tunes.  We play everything from the 1950's right on through some of the stuff today.  I think the music is keeping me young.  I can't even think about quitting yet.  Hey, --- I still got 10,000 more tunes left in me....  Thanks for reading this.


Reeno Reeno
66-70, M
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Thanks for resonding. I've played all over the Tri- City Area. In Schenectady, I played the "Gourmet," Blue Apple, Castle Club, Tony Veruto's Place, Living Room, etc. etc., we are currently in Albany at the "Orchard Tavern," we played out in the yard all summer. Great gig. We will be going back to "Maggies" soon on Western Avenue. Thanks for the post.

Good post! I used to live in Sch'dy N.Y. Ever play around the tri-cities?

Hey Sydgrrl, I know what you're talk'in about. My back, legs, feet, etc. etc., kill me at the end of the fourth set. Yea, I like both, Fender and Gibson. The Strats are much lighter, and I used them for years. They Definitely have two different sounds. Thanks for your comment. Let me know how you are doing with the music when you can. Thanks for reading my story....<br />
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Great Story, Reeno! I'm the other way around, started with Gibson and have wound up a Fender pla<x>yer, but it's mostly because I like single coils better. That and the fact that my back won't take the Les Paul anymore!