I'm Not That Great

but i still like to play. I really love to write songs to get things off my mind but the only other instrument i can play is piano and altough i love the piano i just think that guitar fits my style better lol. So to get better i think I'm going to get my brother to give me a few lessons :D. 

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2010

learning to play a new instrument or improving a skill on an exsisting one is an accomplishment me myself need to learn to type obveosuly can't spell either well best of luck to you in all of what life brings your way

oh trying to con me into buying you a guitar eh? welll it worked! hehe

nope i suck at singing haha so i would just pawn my songs off on my brother if he likes them hehe

i know right! me too. im done putting it off lol woot its going to be amazing

yeah i only know about 3 chords right now haha but hey we can learn together! :D