Love It Naked

We live way out in the country and have a huge mud pit on our land which is part of a small lake that just does not get a lot of water.  It is a thick gooey mud and we love to wallow and slop in it naked during the summer.  It feels great.
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That must feel great in the summer to cool down. It's that you enjoying the mud in your profile pic?

Nice story

Sounds really fun I wish I lived on a lake like that

awesome, i love the story. and th though of a woman, naked and corved in mudd, sexy, something id like to see and wish girls down here would do. i love ur profile pic also =]

I would love to try playing in the mud nude! Thank you for posting your story!

I have to confess to feeling the same about playing in mud completely naked the feeling you get as that smooth mud touches your skin is rather exciting.

I know what you mean dear. we used to play mud football for charity ! after the last game , the beer and wine flowed. some of us ******** down and got "dirty " in the mud with or girls ! cleaning up was almost as much fun as getting " dirty" in the mud ! oh yeah !

Wow!!! I love it too!!! Would like to try with my wife...

Sounds fun! ;)

wow i guess thats nice too and yeah its a form of treatment beneficial to the body too...

You've described a lot of mud fanciers' dreams. It's almost too much to imagine without having that choked lake of mud nearby. Such sensuality.

I would love to play in the mud pit naked, that is how is swim in my in-ground pool. I love the freedom and it is a nice workout.

Sounds like amazing fun in your mud pool.

Like Jessica, I love to play in the mud fully dressed. I don't get naked 'till I get to the stream to clean up. Wonderful story, thank you for sharing.

I usually do this once or twice a week - in swampy areas or off road vehicle trails. Never had a problem with infections of any sort. Clothing doesn't make you sink any more in the mud, but be careful if you go in deep water to wash off - the mud is much more dense than water, so you won't float as well with all that mud on you. And yes - it feels great! It's like going skinny dipping, only better!

I've honestly never thought about it, but I could seriously imagine such mudplay feeling extremely nice. I must try this some time!

im a mud lover 2 and have always wanted to wallow naked , have done it clothed many times , but have you ever picked up an infection 'down there' from rolling in mud naked? its the olny worry holding me back

I have enjoyed being naked in deep thick mud (clay) for many years. It is the most sensual experience you will ever have, especially if you share it with someone you love. Naked is safe; it's so easy to get around in deep mud. I will be in the mud pit in the next week or two - can't wait...

I bet it would be awesome, wish I could join in.....

now that sounds like fun!

Yes, that sounds like a dream come true. You two are very lucky!!!

OMG, I would love that, all that slippery mud and naked bodies.

JESSICAKNIGHT...the only way to play in our mud pit is buck naked. As thick and as deep as it is I think wearing clothing would make it too dangerous. When you are completely naked you never sink below your shoulders but I think clothing would tend to pull you deeper. No, not a pool of oil...I love to be covered in tanning oil when I am out at our pool. Being completely naked and slippery feels so good and when you are naked and covered in oil it makes it very easy for a horny guy to grad you and **** **** you and I loveeeeeeeeeeee being **** ******.

You are so lucky, would love to be tossed into all that mud fully dressed as Jessica, then slowly ***** off all the mud laden clothes. You have a pool of oil? Omg, you are fantastic. Would love to be friends, chat sometime, and would love to see the pics.<br />
<br />
I love mud, mess, and wet fun!

You are soooo lucky. Mud makes the best sunscreen.

It feels sooooooooooooo good. Some days we spend hours in it having fun.

Like that pic and the ida of wallowing in the mud naked. Especaly with a friend that get me muddy head to toe.