Watering The Gardens Turned Into Mud Play.

I was asked by my neighbour If I could water his plants for him while he was away for the weekend recently.

I went round and started my job, but within minutes of starting I was too hot. I didn’t want to soak my jeans so I quickly ran back home next door and changed into a pair of blue shorts.
I went back to carry on watering the plants and as I was doing my job I could feel the water splashing back from the soil and leaves hitting me on the legs, so again I decided to give myself another soaking. I was wearing a pink Umbro polo shirt bought for me, blue shorts and the canvas shoes from the previous day.

I ran the hose over my body and I could feel water in my shoes and the shirt became heavy on my shoulders. I have to water a raised bed which only has a few dead plants in it and I thought to myself, “Why not get the shoes muddy?”

I put the flow of the water on the flowerbed and mixed the earth with the water with my free hand until it became mud. I put the hose down and stepped into the mud, my shoes disappearing right under the mud. When I stepped out of the mud it was impossible to tell what colour they originally were.
I stopped for a good few minutes to admire my muddy shoes and then hosed them off to avoid getting mud on the patio areas.

I carried on watering and then went back home to do my plants as I only water mine every two days.
As I was watering my plants I noticed that the grass had thinned quite a lot underneath one of the trees so I put down the hose and went over to see if the earth had been contaminated by my neighbour on my other side who had been spraying weed killer the other day.
It wasn’t so easy to tell and as quite a lot of bare earth was showing I thought I would mix the earth with some water and have another play in the mud.
It wasn’t quite so easy and I had to use a tiny kid’s spade that I’ve had for years to break up the earth to begin with.
As soon as I had dug a few holes and wet the earth it broke up easily and I made myself a decent sized mud hole to wallow in.

I got my shoes muddy again then I layed down in the mud and rolled around getting
my clothes completely covered in mud. I took off my shoes, filled them up with mud then put them back on and watched the excess mud ooze out over the top of the shoes.

I must have looked a sight just lying there enjoying myself and playing in the mud. After about half an hour I go up, got the hose and rinsed myself off and finished watering the plants then went inside for a nice shower.

I did try to wash the shirt but it’s been ruined by the mud, so now I have something to wear next time I’m in the garden. Unfortunately the canvas shoes didn’t survive and ended up in the bin.
Thorpe Thorpe
36-40, M
1 Response Jul 10, 2010

you should wear white to get muddy next time