Deep Mud

I've been sinking in deep mud, completely naked, for many years now. There's a quarry near my house that always provides excellent quicksand and bottomless clay to play in. I discovered this quarry about 15 years ago and have had hundreds of experiences sinking in clay and quicksand. Well, they went out of business so my prime mud pit, I thought, had dried up. I just got back from the most enjoyable evening in soft clay imaginable. There is a 4 to 8 inch crust that you can walk on, and once it is broken through, there is bottomless soft clay. Normally, I sink standing straight up and reach directly below me with my feet, trying to probe deeper and deeper. Tonight I slowly sank so that eventually the mud closed in on my shoulders, my arms now well and deep into the mud. I used my arms and shoulders and leverage to push myself even deeper into the mud - it was actually quite a workout. I relaxed & enjoyed the slow descent into the thick clay, so it took about 20 minutes, but sure enough, I sank under the mud. Full mud submergence. The thick mud closed over my ears and breathing was certainly challenging. I had to tilt my head back to keep my nose above the mud. After going under several times and holding my breath down there, I just settled in so that virtually nothing was visible from above the mud, just my nose & mouth. My feet stretched out directly below me, I was weightless in a sea of bottomless thick mud. Looking straight up, just to breathe, a boulder of soft clay slowly descended on my face, making it very hard to breath, but I found a hole somehow and took deep breaths through a tunnel of clay. Now, you could see nothing in the mud, just the sound of my gasping for breath and moaning in ecstacy. And I could see nothing, just feel the boundless joy of being completely and totally encased in thick mud, right over your head. So, yes, I love playing in mud... And that was just tonight's fun...
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Wow, sinking in deep quarry clay is one of my dreams! I've been looking in Florida, but haven't found anything nearly as deep as what you have.

I love sinking in mud but I like clay better there is a sand wash quarry hole, lake there with fish in it. IT been 20 year ago I like to go back with someone.

Buy the quarry and open that up to the paying public, haha.

Man, that sounds amazing! Wish somewhere like that was near where I lived. Clay sounds even better than mud. I'd love to experience that weightless feeling.

I love the deep mud and would sooooo love to do that, ;-)

Awesome I want to join you soooooo bad

nice i love your stories :)

Wow, sinking in the very deep, clay-like caolin mud has always been my deepest fantasy.

Mine too, and I get to make it come true. It really is amazing. Make it so...

Hi, this is a great story. I only want to let you know you are not the only one with this desire to sink in deep mud. As a mattter a fact, yesterday late evening i went mudding again to my favorite estuary kreeks. When its low tide there's a gorgeous mudflats appearing. At some places i can sink untill my waist. I Always love the feeling,its just incredible. Yesterday also i experience for the first time how deep it can be, i went and reach as deep as possible with my arm into the mud and it seems bottomless. its the third time now this summer i went in it and now i put my head almost under, and ofcourse i got already my ******, for me too early.
Later there's Always some work for cleaning, its estuary so there's Always some water around. Negative also is the mosquito's continuing ready to bite,so i really need a good spray for before and after mudding. For really deep and completely naked mudding i also obliged to do it evening or nighttime because during the day people are hiking there to see the estuary,nature and birds.
I can say that i almost enjoy mudding the same as sex and as i become older i only love it even more. Hope i hear from you.
Best regards, Marnix

Hi Marnix. Thanks for your comment. I agree, mud is the same as sex, and the older I get, the more I love it. I went right under thick deep clay the other night - I love this stuff. Keep enjoying the deep mud. Best regards, Malarky

Man I wish I can find a mud quarry like that around Austin, Texas..... I so want to get mud-dirty!

I wish there were places like that where I live

Awesome account! I also find sinking naked in mud to be very erotic, and the deeper the mud, the more the turn-on. I have an area of deep river mud about 60 miles from my home, but it's only well exposed at the lowest tides, so I can't sink often.

Oh yeah i forgot where is this

Awesome story. Next time u should make a vid

That sounds fun.

There are a couple of old quarries around here, but they are a distance to reach on top of the bluffs. I might try it sometime after a heavy rain. Wish I could join you for the experience once.

I wish I could join you,I love the mud to. I could never find any that I could sink deeper then about two feet.


Hi there,

Just joined the experience group but I have always loved mud, ever since I my childhood. I was always making dams in streams with my friends |I| love walking though deep mud in wellies and waders, especially near esturies. I also enjoy watching movies of other people walking through mud especillay girls.

Cool. Ya, naked, for me, is the ONLY way. I've found some fantastic stuff. There is nothing like it. Sink safely. Cheers, M

I love thick deep clay. Thats what I like to sink in and naked is the best way. Enjoy.