Muddy Walk

I had another muddy experience recently. Not as full on as being dropped into a massive tank, but still quite fun. I was having a walk with my friend and her dog. We found ourselves having to cross a really wet area at the bottom of a footpath. My friend was fine as she had wellingtons, but I only had lightweight slip on loafers on. I started to pick my way across the muddy area and was doing OK, but suddenly my right foot sank right in! As I took the weight off it my left foot disappeared too! When I continued, my shoes stayed behind in the mud! I pulled them out and sploshed through what was now calf deep mud in my socks. When I hit dry land I tried to scrape the ooze off my socks, but they were covered. I put my shoes back on and continued, feeling pleased that my socks were black and not white! I actually like mud, but if I'd known in advance I'd have worn old stuff and maybe splashed around some more.
KatyisCool KatyisCool
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1 Response Dec 14, 2011

I love that you continued through the mud in your white socks!<br />
Were they knee socks?

No, my socks weren't white! I was pleased that they were black because I could wash them and wear them again. White socks would have been ruined. As it was, those particular socks had blue heels and toes and they were pretty stained after washing! They were just ankle socks.

Oh, ok. It's a great story, thanks for sharing it!

No problem, I'm glad you enjoyed it!