Seriously Stuck

Just a few weeks ago, myself and a friend went out looking for some good mud to wallow in and came across a building site of pure mud after all the recent rain. As I said in an earlier post, when I play in the mud I try to get stuck. We entered the site wearing skinny jeans and wellies. We got out our planned 'stuck' clothes and before putting them on ventured out across the site to find some good mud. The site was a school getting renovated and thus provided a large expanse of mud to explore. My wellies were pink with a floral pattern and my friends were a pale blue colour. After a short walk across part of the site my friend quite literally stumbled into some soft clay and became promptly stuck. She had to step out of her boots and then pull them out with her hands. We decided that this would be the place to get really really stuck so we went back to where we had left our 'stuck' clothes. My friend wore skinny jeans tucked into a pair of black knee-length stiletto boots whilst I went for a pair of brown UGGs. We returned to the bog hole we had found bringing our wellies with us. I had worn wellies, leather boots, cowboy boots, flats and even heels in the mud before but this was my first time in UGGs, and they were the best. I almost got stuck 3 times on the way over to the bog hole in places where my wellies had had no problems whatsoever. We eventually reached the clay pit that looked about 20 metres long and a little less wide. My friend made a bet to see who could get the furthest across without getting stuck and I accepted the challenge. My friend a I held hands and together stepped into the clay. Our boots sank slowly into the clay so we were able to take a couple of quick steps before we got into difficulty. I started to get stuck first. My boots were only a couple of inches deep but they wouldn't budge. My friend managed to struggle on in her stiletto boots until about halfway across when she also got into difficulty. The mud continued to climb up my UGGs and soon only the tops of my boots were visible. After 5 minutes of violent tugging I resigned that I had lost them, so I stepped out of them barefoot and into the cold clay. I sank quickly and as I clambered out I very nearly got stuck again the clay was so strong. I made it to the side and put my wellies back on. Then I saw my friend and the difficulty she was in. She had not thought things through and her now fully submerged tight fitting boots were stuck and she couldn't escape them like I had mine because she couldn't budge the zip. She was now thigh deep and was very stuck. We laughed for a minute or so before I waded in to help her. The mud sucked at my wellies and a couple of times I had to pull with my hands to get out. Soon though my wellies were stuck again and for a second time I had to make a break for the edge. With 2 pairs of boots now lost, we discussed the best course of action and decided that calling the fire department was not an option as we were super embarassed. My friend asked me to call my mom but she doesn't know about my mud adventures and if she did she would kill me as my mom hates mud after getting stuck herself on a couple of occasions on a family vacation and again in our backyard. We decided to call my friends mom who arrived 20 minutes later in a pair of black rubber boots. She waded in straight away completely bogged straight away. Unlike me she didn't want to get her feet muddy so she asked me to help her. I pulled on my friends wellies, amazingly my 3rd pair of the adventure and went to help her only to lose another pair of boots. I was now barefoot permanently and decided to call another friend who brought her brother and her papa down with her. Finally, about half an hour later and after alot of digging, my friend and her mom were free, still with their boots. It was a fun evening that didn't go quite as we planned, but the mud was great and I can't wait to get stuck again!  
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You should make videos

I love wearing riding boots and breeches, especially if I can et back onto my horse and ride covered in mud!

Nice story. Wish I had a friend who shared your adventurous heart. Thanks for sharing.

Getting my heels stuck is 1/2 the fun, putting them back on my extra muddy nylon clad feet and feeling my feet squish the mud inside my heels is the rest. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

sounds soo yummy!!

I never wear boots, you'll get stuck every time. Go bare footed. I feels good to your feet and they slip out alot quicker-

Isn't getting stuck half the fun? At least it is for me ;)

It's a great moment when your shoes get stuck and left behind in the mud! I love that bit!

I'm with you 100% Becky.

That sounds like a nice place to play. I like how you got lots of people involved too! I'm like KatyisCool though, I always get into the mud with socks on. I love it when my shoes get stuck and I end up getting my cute, colourful socks all filthy!

Yeah it was funny how a private play in the mud could become sort of a rescue with many involved :)

Sounds like great fun! Have you ever tried wearing socks in the mud? It's much nicer than going barefoot, really sensual.

Yes I have tried socks but personally I prefer shoes or boots