My Dream Came True! Taking A Fully Clothed Mudbath For Charity.

After my highly enjoyable bath in baked beans, I was really keen to repeat it in mud! As we'd raised £150 my boss was happy to do it again, and I suggested filling the bath up with topsoil this time. We decided to do it on Sunday afternoon when the shop is busy and we'd raise lots of cash hopefully. My boss apologetically asked me if i'd mind getting in the mud, as nobody else would. Little do they all know I was desperate to! On Sunday morning some of my colleagues prepared the bath. They put six bags of topsoil in it and lots of cold water and gave it a thorough mixing. It was the most fantastic, thick, mid-brown mud by the time they'd finished. I was tremendously excited about going in it! I was so nervous / excited I couldn't eat any lunch, and my heart was in my mouth as I made my way to the salesfloor to experience my muddy fate! I was wearing smart black, narrow-legged jeans this time, with a black shirt and cardigan. When I arrived at the bath, quite a crowd had gathered, and I decided to play it slightly differently. I refused to get in until £100 had been donated! This occured pretty quickly, I guess there must be a lot of people that enjoy seeing a girl getting into a mud bath! I displayed some mock outrage for fun, and slowly took my shoes off. I was wearing black socks with bright turquoise toes and heels. As before, I kept them on! I swung my right leg over the side and watched as my sock disappeared into the squidgy wet mud. My foot seemed to sink for ages before I felt the bottom. I followed it in with my left foot, and stood there, almost up to my knees in delightful brown sludge. People were donating lots of cash and shouting good naturedly. I loved the humiliation of it again! I squelched my way to the "tap end" of the bath, and layed down in the mud. A huge cheer went up! I pulled my feet out and put them up on the taps in a bit of a pose, and somebody took some photos. Most of my socks were caked in the mud, but I noticed a tiny bit of bright turquoise on my left big toe! As I layed there, people got handfuls of mud and put it on my head and wiped it on my cheeks. I was soon a total mud monster from head to toe! I felt so happy and excited to be writhing around fully clothed in mud in public! What a lovely sensation! I didn't even mind when somebody got my shoes and filled them up with mud. I took them and forced my feet into them with a loud squelch! When the shop closed I had to be hosed off in the car park for ages, the hardest part was getting the mud out of my hair and shoes, but this was superb, much nicer than baked beans! Probably the most fulfilling day of my life! And £225 raised!
KatyisCool KatyisCool
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3 Responses Feb 9, 2012

Very cool! I like swimming in my clothes, but have not gone into the mud fully clothed. I'd like to try it if it was warm.

It's brilliant, you'd love it! What would you wear? Shoes on or off? Socks?

Oh...I would like to be dressed in business attire, with shoes definitely on! I'd wear high heels, nylons, skirt, blouse.

Of course, Stacy's preferences mirror ours. While we've played quite often in public in the water in dressy attire - dress or suit with stockings & heels for her - we've only played in the mud that way in our own backyard. Its actually rather difficult to find somewhere public with nice mud to play in!

I've done something very similar to this. It shouldn't be pleasant but it's amazing isn't it? I was fully clothed and in socks too.

I just want to do it again now!

That sounds absolutely amazing. I'm really jealous! I've done plenty of mudding but never experienced the public humiliation thing. And I bet it was really lovely sinking in there with your shoes off. I love the feeling of wearing socks in the mud. I'm going to have to try and set myself up in something like this..........

Yes, it was mindblowingly good! I love just diving on in, regardless of my clothes. I agree, it's good to take your shoes off! I love wallowing in socks.