Another Play In The Garden.

It's rained hard here for a couple of days and as a result my mudpit is still really gloopy. I had another play in it this morning. I didn't lay down in it today though. I was wearing black skinny jeans, black ballet pumps and black socks, with really bright blue heels and toes. When I was alone at home, I went into the garden and stood next to the pit. It looked fantastic, really wet and squelchy! I stepped into it, right foot first. My shoe disappeared and it felt like a long time before it touched the bottom. I followed in with my left foot. It was really cold and smooth, and I stood there for a while, almost up to my knees, enjoying the sensation. I took a few steps along the trench, and managed to keep my shoes on my feet. The mud was really heavy and thick, and totally covered me from the knees down. I turned around to walk back, and it was at this point that I couldn't keep my shoes on anymore. I really struggled to pull them out of the mud, and my hands got filthy. I really enjoyed being in there in my socks, it feels really nice, and I played for several minutes. When I got out, I hosed off the lower legs of my jeans and socks, without taking them off, then hosed my shoes out, and put them back on. I went for a cycle ride to dry them out, and still have it all on now!
harriette20 harriette20
18-21, F
Mar 8, 2012