My Friend And I In A Farmer's Field

My friend and I had an excellent time in a very sticky field yesterday. We took her dog for a walk, and I suggested going on this particular route as I have known the field to be muddy in the past. I was confident it would be good as we've had a lot of rain lately. The nice thing about this place is the fact that a public footpath cuts right across the middle of the field. We wore our usual style of outfit for this kind of thing, skinny-type jeans (both in dark blue) with me in a pale denim jacket, and my friend in a grey hooded top. I wore an oldish, although still nice pair of ballet pumps in black with some glittery gems on the fronts, with socks (plain black ankle socks, with an orange heel / toe design). My friend wore animal print pumps, also with socks (black with mauve heels / toes). When we arrived, I could see that the field was probably muddier than I've ever seen it before. We started across the footpath and occasionally would sink a couple of inches. I was already struggling to keep my shoes on my feet. My friend said she wanted to step off the footpath and run across the field, for fun. She said she didn't want to get too muddy though as she hadn't brought any clean clothes (nor had I). With that, off she went. She ran across the thick clay-like mud and was quickly over her ankles in it. I saw her stop suddenly, and turn around. She bent down and pulled her shoes out of two holes in the mud. She didn't put them back on, preferring to continue running in her socks. I decided to join in at this point and splodged into the thick mud. It felt good to sink in, and like my friend, I was soon shoeless. I put my filthy pumps with my friend's and caught her up. We ran together, feeling free as birds in the mud! Then, all of a sudden, my friend hit a really soft, deep bit and went in up to her thighs. She struggled to free herself and was really muddy by the time she was out. Far muddier than she'd wanted to get. She started throwing mud at me, and to cut a long story short we ended up rolling in the mud together, play-fighting! We were both pretty covered and had to walk home like that! We found our shoes and put our filthy socked feet into them (our socks were totally brown by this point). I must admit, it felt really nice to be squelching along with mud in my shoes! We got some strange looks from the few people that we saw, and one lady asked us what had happened! We just kind of said "we fell in some mud". Very lame, but you can't really admit to deliberately playing in it can you? People just don't get it! It took ages to get the thick mud off when we got home, but it's kinda part of the fun!
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Great experince! Being dirty in public view is part of the game I think. What does it matter what people think, being exposed for all to see all muddy and wet is exciting.

farmers fields are my favourate places to get filthy x

im sure its exciting and you have fun...

why cut a very nice story short?<br />
all I can say is omg I wish I had a friend like that too.<br />
next time, use the "aliens tried to abduct me" excuse when walking home, I've had good responses to that when covered in mud. ok, that's a lie, I've never used that excuse, nor have I ever been abducted by aliens!<br />

Wow, that's really brave, getting filthy without a change of clothes, and walking home! Well done, I bet it felt quite liberating, being that dirty out in public. I particularly love the fact that you were both in there in socks! Terrific story!

Thanks! It got a bit out of hand, but was lovely! I only intended going knee deep, but ended up totally covered. It was really nice walking in mud in our socks, you wouldn't believe it but my socks washed well and can be worn again! I'm glad because they're favourites.