Taking A Mudbath For Charity

If you've read my stories you'll know that I have some lovely opportunities to get messy at work for charity. I've shyed away from it a bit lately as I didn't want to appear too keen because I was worried about looking weird! Last weekend my boss asked me if I would do another event, saying that I seem to raise more cash than anyone else! Of course, I couldn't refuse and was really happy to oblige! We decided on another mudbath that I would have to get into fully clothed. I love doing this! I planned the public dunking for Sunday afternoon to maximise the exposure to customers in the shop. I put on a smart purple top, some neat black jeans and a new pair of ballerina pumps. I thought I'd take my shoes off to get in the mud so I wore socks, they were nice ankle socks in black, with bright red heels and toes. When the moment came, I quickly raised lots of money just by telling people that if they payed up, I'd climb into the mud! It was as if people couldn't believe that I'd really do it! After a while, with my heart in my mouth, I decided to do it. I slowly took my shoes off, exposing my cute socks. A member of the public actually said "I like your socks". I climbed up onto the side of the bath and looked down at the glorious thick mud within. I slowly lowered my left foot in, feeling the cold mud soaking my sock. People were cheering, I'd almost forgotten how exciting this kind of thing is! I put my right foot in, and stood there lapping up the humiliation! I noticed that the mud was thicker than usual, I liked it. I had a wade up and down and it made loud squelching sounds. The crowd roared as I fell to my knees and then sat, and layed down in it. I was soon totally caked, writhing around in it, rubbing it through my hair, in fact, everywhere! The whole experience was fabulous, I stayed in the mud for over an hour, and I even enjoyed the hosedown outside. I was surprised to see that my clothes cleaned up well, even the socks can be worn again! This was a beautiful day!
KatyisCool KatyisCool
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

Doing this with an audience must be so exciting! The humiliation of totally covering yourself in mud, fully clothed! I guess your shoes would have been sucked off in the sticky mud anyway, may as well just jump in in your socks!

I can't actually put in to words just how much I'd love to do that! You are one lucky girl!