A Muddy Bike Ride!

I had a really fun time yesterday! I went out for a bike ride and it resulted in a dip in some mud! I was out in the countryside and spotted a really muddy field at the bottom of a hill. I thought I would speed down the hill, into the field, and see how far I could pedal across the mud without putting a foot down! I got up to speed down the hill, and entered the field with a splash. The thick mud instantly slowed me down, and I got up out of the seat to pedal hard. After a short time, I ground completely to a halt in a good twelve inches of mud. I had to put my feet down into it! I was only wearing slip on black ballerina pumps, with black socks and jeans. It felt genuinely thrilling as my feet sank in the cool ooze, it had been ages since I'd done any mudding! I pulled my right foot out of the mud in order to dismount my bike, and my pump stayed behind in the sticky mud. I put my socked foot into the mud, and I have to admit, it felt divine! My socks were my "Tuesday" ones with pink heels and toes, and I loved the feel of the mud all over my right one. I felt around for my shoe and eventually pulled it out with a squelch. Straightaway I lost my left shoe too, and waded across the field sinking up to my knees in my socks. It was difficult to pull my bike out, and by the time I got out of the mud I was really dirty! I put my shoes back on, and cycled home all covered in mud. I actually found that quite exciting! Being all muddy in public! When I got home I washed all the mud off in the garden and sat with my shoes off in the sun to dry. What a fun outing!
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

Sounds good but you should put on lycra cycling gear and really get down and dirty. You,ll love it.

That's a different way to hit the mud! I hope you've cleaned your bike!