Muddy Fun At The Spa

I managed to get "accidentally" muddy at work today. I had a client that wanted to take a mud bath for the first time. We always go into the mud room with a new client and take special care to explain all the procedures. This lady was quite nervous, I think she'd been given a voucher for a gift and didn't really "get it". I helped her into the mud and watched as she layed back. I couldn't help thinking about all the times I'd been in that bath fully clothed! I felt a desperate compulsion to get muddy! When the session was over, I helped the client out of the bath and guided her to the shower. It is a short distance away. The client dripped big lumps of mud over the tiled floor between the bath and the shower. I just couldn't resist it, so I subtly kicked my shoes off and walked in the mud blobs in my socks. It felt great! My socks were navy blue and white stripey ones and soon turned glistening brown on the soles! I don't think the client noticed my secret little muddy socks game! Once the client was dressed I directed her to the reception to pay, and tryed to think of a way I could get muddier without arousing suspicion. I faked a phone call from an earlier client and pretended that she'd lost an earring in the mud. This gave me a reason to poke around in the bath! I plunged my arms into the mud, messing up my tunic and "accidentally" showering mud all over the front of my trousers and onto my feet (still shoeless!) By the time I'd done, my socks were really filthy, and my trousers and tunic were generously splattered with the lovely mud. I really wanted to just get into the bath, but I just couldn't have justified it to my colleagues and boss! A thought occured to me that I was splashing myself with beautiful mud and having a very nice time, whilst being paid. I'm very lucky.
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What a great job you have! Now I won't be able to think about anything else as I sit in my office, looking out the window at the park, wishing I was rolling in the mud. Maybe I could install a little personal mud bath in my house....

I've got one in my garden!

I have one in my backyard garden as well!! Great naked fun in the mud!
Naked & muddy sissy stephie

Omg Jo.. that sounds like Heaven. I'm soo jealous of you xD
I wonder how much messier you could get without arrousing suspision? xD *oops, I tripped...* ;) x

I think they were quite suspicious of the mess I got in! But they know I like it I think, because I have had mudbaths in my clothes before, for charity and for an advert. I love my job..........

Yeah, I know, I've read all your stories. I'm very jealous of you and your job. Hehe.
I would have done exactly the same as you in this situation though, kicking my shoes off and squishing in all the mud blobs on the floor in my cute socks.

wish I were a new client, I'd be pulling you in with me! oh, I seem to have fallen, can you help me out? ;)